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Your Guide to the Side Effects of Taking Iron Supplements

Approximately 14 percent of American adults take a daily oral supplement that includes iron.Your Guide to the Side Effects Are you one of them?

You might think an iron supplement is harmless. After all, iron is essential for your body. Your doctor may even have recommended the iron supplement.

However, while iron is mostly beneficial, you should know about the possible side effects of taking iron supplements. To be clear, Your Guide to the Side Effects you shouldn’t stop using these supplements if you need them; you should just be aware of what side effects you may encounter and how to deal with them.

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  1. Stomach Ache

If you’ve been diagnosed with Anemia or another symptom of iron deficiency, your doctor may have suggested taking your iron supplement on an empty stomach.

Unfortunately, iron supplements are hard on your gut.

You might experience stomach aches and minor cramping even after the first dose of your supplement. You may even have a bit of nausea.

To avoid this unpleasant side effect, take a little bit of food with your supplement. A piece of bread or a cracker will cushion the blow from the iron.

  1. Metallic Taste In the Mouth

Iron is metal. So it’s no surprise that your mouth may taste a little metallic after you take your oral supplement. Even quality products such as Iron Tablets From Vitabiotics can cause an unnatural aftertaste.

Make the taste go away by brushing your teeth frequently. You may even brush after each supplement dose if the taste bothers you to the point of a loss of appetite.

  1. Bowel Issues

The more iron in your body, the harder it is to go number 2. Though an uptake in your iron storage, when done right, can help your bowel movements be more regular, you might experience a bit of constipation at first.

Balance your iron out with some fiber. This will soften your stool and help you go normally again.

That said, iron toxicity is a real and dangerous condition. You can overdose on your iron pill. This can result in dare. If your stool is bloody or otherwise very dark, it’s time to get medical attention.

  1. Heartburn

As beneficial as iron is, it burns your esophagus lining when taken orally. This leaves you feeling an unpleasant burning sensation from your throat all the way down to your upper abdomen.

The easiest way to get rid of heartburn is to drink a glass of milk. Dairy is gentle on the esophagus. While milk may not heal the damage long-term, it can balance the levels of acidity and cancel out the heartburn.

  1. Tooth Discoloration

Are you proud of your pearly whites?

If you take oral iron supplements long enough, you’ll likely notice stains on your teeth.

Tooth discoloration is not a side effect you can prevent entirely, but proper and consistent dental hygiene can offset it a little. Brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste. Make sure it’s designed to protect your enamel.

Also, flossing several times a day may help to reduce tooth stains. Make sure to floss right after taking your iron tablet.

Beyond Side Affects of Taking Iron Supplements

Are you ready to increase your body’s iron level?

Now that you’re aware of several side effects of taking iron supplements, don’t be discouraged. Don’t stop taking your pill.

Switch to a higher quality supplement if needed, and tell your doctor about any new issues that may be linked to your iron intake.

Meanwhile, visit our blog every day for new and frequent lifestyle and health tidbits.

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