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Writing research questions

Research is one of the tools that make people have innovations. Research is also an element that business guys use to find out their market likes and do not like.

One person defines research as going to look for what else you can do because you manage what you’re doing currently. Research makes the business have the creative idea of having new things so that the business can have new lines and customers can admire them and buy them. Without research in a business, that business will not grow.

If you are a business person, you need research. Start with the correct research question and don’t hesitate to ask for custom research papers writing help.

Starting with the correct question

To even think of doing research, one needs to think of the right research. Suppose your question is a huge question. Then you will find it hard to research a certain topic. One has to narrow it down to a doable topic. 

For example, when you ask, does a diet help a student’s studying ability? You see, this question is not specific. We will have to suspect and maybe say yes. There are so many things that this question is asking for. 

Now let’s look at a specific question. Does the food that is rich in proteins affect the students’ learning?

Now this question is specific and to the point.

And also put our mind that when you make a question too narrow, you will find it hard to look for the answers now, after you have your research question. Brainstorm some answers first.

This website will help you in case you are that person who is finding it hard to get a research question.

Before you think of improving the research question, you need to understand what the subject is. If you are going to use surveys, make sure that you know your audience. Make sure you choose your words right when writing your research question.

Know your audience

When you are researching, make sure you know or understand your audience. It is something that all researchers must understand. When you know the way your audience is thinking is easier to good decisions. You will even know what to write your research. 

Once you know your audience, you will know how to formulate your answer. You will even know how to come up with the research question. Check this link to find out more. 

Focus on a problem at a time

When you have questions that focus narrowly, you save time when doing the research. It is because when using your survey, the response time is short. The kind of responses you will get is more likely to be direct than asking someone a broad question.

Do not ask questions that involve “yes and no” as the response

For a question to be good in research, it has to make the audience have an answer with some comprehension element. The questions that involve no and yes do not make people bring up new ideas. 

Avoid questions like “why” 

These questions, in particular, are very wide; instead of using the “why” questions, try using the “how” and the “what” type of questions.


The very effective research begins with a question that the researcher considers well.

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