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Worthy Tips for Preventing Cancer

Cancer is amongst the leading causes of death, globally. Unfortunately, according to data, things will just get worse in the future.

Our unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet and environmental pollution is making us more and more susceptible to this dangerous disease.

Where public health is not a priority and safety rules are not followed, the risk of cancer looms even higher.

While there are certain risk factors like genetics and environment that you cannot change, you can still take up steps to minimize your chances of getting cancer, as your Oncologist in Lahore would also tell you.

Tips for cancer prevention

Some helpful expert tips for cancer prevention include:

Quit smoking

Cigarettes are notorious already for causing lung cancer, but that is not all. Smoking also leads to other cancers in the body, including mouth, larynx, pancreas, bladder, cervix, and kidneys.

Tobacco in other forms, like chewing tobacco, is also just as dangerous for the body. People who are exposed to secondhand smoke, or are passive smokers, also are at risk for getting cancer.

Therefore, it is imperative that smokers quit this dangerous habit. Nicotine patches, gums, hypnosis are some helpful ways as smoking causes addiction, and thus needs a proper strategy for weaning off.

Eat Well

What we eat may also end up causing cancer. Saturated fats and red meat have been linked to colon and prostate cancer. Similarly, processed meat, when consumed in large quantities, can also increase the likelihood of certain cancers.

Healthy and organic food, on the other hand, does not pose any such threat to the body. Fresh fruits and vegetables are in fact full of antioxidants that in turn help to lower free radicals in the body. Since these dangerous radicals can cause cancer, it is imperative that they be neutralized.

Moreover, cut back on sugar and other calorie rich food. Being obese is a risk factor for cancer, therefore, eating empty calories is perhaps the worst thing you can do to yourself. Thus, exercise portion control, and make efforts at shedding the extra pounds.

Radiation Exposure

For some people, exposure to radiation is incorrigible, as it’s either part of their job or a medical necessity. However, radiation can lead to mutation in the DNA, causing production of cancerous cells.

People should hence limit their exposure to radiation when possible. Imaging tests like X-rays should only be done when prescribed by the doctors, and when absolutely necessary.

Sun also contains ultraviolet radiation, and so avoids sunlight. Venture outside after putting on adequate quantities of sunscreen, as it helps in protecting against the radiation.


Certain viral infections can increase the likelihood of cancer. Hepatitis B and HPV virus are two such culprits. Getting immunized against such viruses can therefore help in lowering the risk of cancer.


Since exercise is great for ensuring a healthy weight, it lowers the risks and symptoms of obesity. Exercise is also useful for mitigating the risk of breast and colon cancer. Thus, be sure to stay physically active. Now, also exercise reduce men’s health problem. Now, treat your men’s health problem take Sildigra 100 and Prejac

Moderate alcohol

Indulging in too much alcohol is always a bad idea, but especially because it increases the risk of liver, kidney, lung, colon and breast cancer. Therefore, be scrupulous in cutting back your daily alcohol consumption.


Screening has proven useful against many cancers. Prostate, cervix, breast cancers etc. have successful screening processes that allow for not just detection of precancerous conditions, but early-stage cancer as well. Since cancer can metastasize and jeopardize life otherwise, catching it early on can greatly diminish the mortality risks.

Screenings are generally recommended for people over the age of 50, however, those with a family history of cancer might need to undergo screenings sooner in life. Thus, it’s imperative that they consult a good Oncologist in Islamabad

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