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Winning Tactics for Competitive Swimming in Singapore

To beat the tropical heat, many Singaporeans enjoy a refreshing dip in the sea as a form of entertainment. However, swimming is also a competitive sport, and Singapore hosts several such events annually. Winning Tactics for Competitive Swimming

There are a few things you need to know if you want to take your swimming to the next level and participate in these events. When it comes to competitive swimming in Singapore, it has everything, from novices to Olympians. Winning Tactics for Competitive Swimming 

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  • Become familiar with the various swimming strokes initially. Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly are the four major strokes. To participate in most events, you need to be proficient in all four swimming strokes and understand the specific regulations for each. 
  • The next step is to begin your training. This requires both frequent swimming and the practice of proper stroke technique. Seek a swimming coach or swimming instructor if you can; they may help you refine your form and become a more efficient swimmer. 
  • Then, on race day, give your whole attention to your preparation. Put yourself in the correct state of mind with some mental preparation: a healthy breakfast, a restful night’s sleep, and some mental imagery.

What are the Levels of Competitive Swimming in Singapore?



Many people of different ages and skill levels participate in swimming since it is a sport that welcomes everyone. Swimmers in Singapore begin their competitive careers at the Novice level. This is intended for amateur swimmers who are just getting their feet wet. There are two branches at the Novice level: A and B. The Novice A group is for swimmers 6 and younger, while the Novice B group is for those in the 8-9 age range.

The Intermediate level is the next one up. Those who have already mastered the fundamentals and are eager to get into competitive swimming can go to the next section. Two subsets of the Intermediate level are designated Intermediate A and Intermediate B, respectively. Each level has its age range: 10-11 for Intermediate A and 12-13 for Intermediate B. To compete at the highest level in Singapore, swimmers must reach the Open division.

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