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Why you should select a LED glow light for your Weed farm.

In this blog, you will learn why one should use LED glow lights over the more traditional lighting systems.Why you should select a LED glow 

Extremely efficient

LED’s are known for their high efficiency compared to other more traditional technologies like CFL or fluorescent tubes. The amount of watt conversion into lumen is extraordinary, and that is why they are used in everything from your TV, universal remote to the Red light. When selecting glow lights for cannabis products, you need to think about their efficiency as much as the lumens. Why you should select a LED glow For choosing a LED glow lamp, give a read to bestva led grow light review.

To put things into the number by replacing normal glow light with an LED, one can save 60 to 70 per cent. Running glow lights for hours on end can translate into substantial cost savings and profits.

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Highly durable By Glow

An indoor grower can use an average glowlight for thousands of hours in a year. It also means that they will have to replace these lights frequently, and that cost can quickly add up. 

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A fluorescent bulb can run upto 1000 hours, while an LED can run upto 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours of glow. In simple terms, you won’t have to replace them for a long time. This level of durability is a must for glow lights to avoid ongoing maintenance costs. 

Runs cooler

Led bulbs are incredibly cool because of their high watt to lumen ratio. The CFL, fluorescent tube and other lighting solutions emit heat which can require extra cooling for glow lights. Another aspect to keep in mind is that cannabis is extremely sensitive to heat. Non led lights have to be placed at a certain distance to avoid affecting the yield. You have to also constantly cool them to prevent overheating at the 10th hour of operation. LED glow lamps are incredibly cool and can even be placed near the cannabis without affecting the yield.

Read the bestva led grow light review to see how cool and silent they can run.

Environmentally friendly For Glow

It is important to be environmentally friendly, and as the growers of the most natural substance, you have a responsibility. The manufacturing of LED lighting is done in an incredibly safe way with no dangerous and harmful chemicals. On an average CFL or fluorescent, there is mercury, which is hazardous to everything it touches. If, for any reason, these bulbs break or leak, it can lead to some health issues for your workers. Even for the produce, any form of mercury going into it, even by accident, can be deadly.

Final thoughts

Glow lights are an essential part of running cannabis operations, and the correct type of light makes a huge difference. The light you need is highly efficient, durable, runs cool and is environmentally friendly.

Light-Emitting Diode or also known as LED, not only meets the expectations but surpasses it. 

Easily the best choice for an indoor grower.  

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