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Why Should You Opt For Demi permanent Hair Color?

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Here is the reason why should you opt for Demi permanent Hair Color With plenty of hair dye options available in the market, you sure can get confused. The top three options are permanent, semi, and hair color. It gets a little indecisive for anyone to choose from one of these.

 Demi Permanent Hair Color

And, if you’re going to choose Demi permanent hair color , you might need some basics.

But fret not color fanatics!

We are here to guide you on some important bits and pieces related to Demi hair color. Plus, this guide will help you on why should you opt for demi hair color? Read on.

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What Is Demi Permanent Hair Color?

Demi hair color is a must-use hair dye for anyone who wants ammonia-free products. And that perk alone makes it safe to use. For your hair dye needs, Demi permanent comes in two different formulas— crème and liquid. These formulas work as a toner and for giving a glossy touch to your hair.

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But what is demi permanent hair color? Well simply speaking, it works by penetrating a tiny amount of peroxide into your outer shaft of hair strands. Because of this, you can enjoy long-lasting blending and tone for your chosen hair shade.

Widely available in different shades, demi permanent provides what it’s best for— full-coverage and glossy locks.

Difference between permanent, semi, and demi hair color

Why you must opt for permanent demi hair dye depends on your preference. However, you should be well-versed in the different types of hair dye available in the market. For that reason, we will help you learn the difference between permanent, semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair color.

Permanent hair dye

While permanent hair dye is pretty popular, it does include ammonia that penetrates your hair cuticles for fuller coverage. It does so by changing the texture of your hair. Because of that, it creates a long-lasting effect. As the name mentions, it can last more washes than semi and demi-permanent.

Semi-Permanent hair dye

Semi-permanent hair dye can’t deposit into the depth of the hair cuticle, meaning the color stays on the surface. Unlike permanent hair dye, it works as a temporary color and doesn’t last long.

Demi-Permanent hair dye

Between the borderline of permanent and semi-permanent, demi-permanent works using either of them. In other words, demi-permanent lasts longer washes than semi does. Since it’s also a temporary color dye, it does provide you with gray hair coverage. Partly, of course!

Demi Permanent Hair Color How Long Does It Last?

Hair color fanatics just love discussing different hair color dyes. And rightly so, it does involve your efforts and your money. So does it wash out that quickly? Well, you can get up to 28 shampoo washes after using this formula. Not that many, but enough to provide you better results.

Demi Permanent Brands To Use

If you’re planning to invest in coloring your hair with demi-permanent solution, then here are some brands to look for. Of course, you will need to do some additional research based on your hair type.

  • N’ Rage
  • Clairol
  • Wella
  • L’Oreal
  • Ion Color Brilliance
  • Umberto Beverly Hills

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