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Why Should You Clean Your Vape Coil?

Why Should You Clean Your Vape Coil?

Vaping is a new way for people to explore tastes, relax and enjoy. The craze for vape devices and the latest equipment on the market is intensifying day by day. Hardly anything will manage to take over the popularity of vape.

However, there are certain things you need to pay attention to. Just like a coffee machine needs to be serviced regularly, so you can enjoy the fantastic taste of coffee every day, so do vape devices.

To fully enjoy every aspect of vaping, you need to look at vape as a device that needs regular maintenance. By this, we mean cleaning the device itself and the vape coil. 

There are not so many things you should know about vape to understand how to clean it. Either way, we know that it can get confusing for beginners. So we decided to explain why it’s essential to clean your vape coil regularly and how that affects your vaping experience. 

What is a vape By Why Should You Clean Your Vape Coil?

There are a few things to know about vape devices and vape equipment. There is particular terminology that can often be very complicated for beginners to understand.

However, if you want to enjoy vaping thoroughly, you should know some basics. To begin with, you need to know what the vape device is made of and what parts play which roles.

The vape coil is the most crucial part of a vape device. No component plays a more important role than a coil. Experienced vapers with the best vape juice flavors will confirm these claims. However, what is a vape coil exactly, and why is it so important?

Well, the coil is responsible for producing vapor, and that’s the primary purpose of vaping. The coil heats the vape juice to a particular temperature and provides a vapor that we inhale. There are vape coils with different ohm ranges. The larger the ohm range, the more heat resistant the coil is. Also read:Do You Vape? Here Are Some Essential Tips

A clean vape coil can prolong your vape device’s life

The most common problem with vape coils is that they may burn out. When that happens, your device will probably be damaged. While this may not be unnecessarily true, there is always a dose of risk. 

If you want to prolong the life of your vape device and reduce the risk of damage, you should clean the vape coil often. Besides that, you may risk your health if you inhale the burnt vapor juice. So thoroughly investigate what the indications of a burnt coil are.

Once you open the vape device, you should see the consequences of a burnt coil. It will look burned and black. If you regularly clean the vape coil, you can also protect your health and extend the life of your vape device.

You may save money  

Even though coils have a shorter life and are not supposed to last permanently, you may try to get the best out of them by cleaning them properly. There are vape coils that you cannot easily clean, but you can give them a try. As we mentioned, vape coils can “burn out” over time. 

Not only will your flavor get worse, but in this situation, the liquid will evaporate faster than usual. That can lead to extra expenses over time. In addition, if you have a problem with your vaping device or a coil, you may spend more vape juice than in regular circumstances. 

While this may not seem like a big deal to you at the moment, it can significantly increase your monthly expenses. However, you can avoid breaking your monthly budget by regularly cleaning the device and vape coil. 

How to recognize when a vape coil needs to be cleaned

The juice doesn’t taste the same anymore.

The clear sign that you may think of cleaning the vape coil is when your favorite vape juice has a different taste than usual. At first, many people believe that they are experiencing vaper’s tongue syndrome. However, that’s rarely the case. The more likely reason is that the vape coil is dirty and full of sticky stains that you need to clean.

You feel the burnt taste.

Another indicator that you may try to clean your vape coil is an ugly burnt taste in your mouth. If you feel a burnt taste, immediately turn off the device and clean the vape tank alongside the vape coil. If that ugly taste remains, you will probably have to replace the coil. 

Before you dump it in a trash can, though, try to clean it and see if that was the problem. 

You hear gurgling sounds.

These sounds can happen for many reasons, but they are almost always related to vape coils. When your vaping device makes gurgling sounds, it’s a clear sign that you should check the vape coil and clean it. If you hear the same sounds again after cleaning, you have not cleaned the coil properly, or you will have to replace it.   


We all know how expensive vaping equipment can be. However, if there is an option to prolong the life of your vape coil, be sure to explore it. Not only will you save money, but you will surely feel indescribable excitement because you managed to fix it yourself. 

Just make sure you learn how to properly clean a vape coil and not damage the vape device in the process.

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