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Why Now is the Best Time for Startups to Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments from Customers

The time is right for startups to start accepting Bitcoin (BTC) payments. Why? Because companies can use it as a marketing tool to attract new customers, they won’t have to pay any fees for their transactions. They say you either shape in or shape out. There has been a lot of businesses that have adopted the use of BTC.Why Now is the Best Time for Startups Some even buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies and resell them later for a profit.

Each cryptocurrency in the market provides you with a wallet where you can b able to monitor and transact your coins anytime. Many companies now have thought of or have already started to accept this as a mode of payment. We will look at several reasons why it is a good time to start accepting it as a mode of payment.Why Now is the Best Time for Startups

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The safety factor By Customers

When you decide to buy cryptocurrencies, one thing for sure is that it provides a lot of safety for your money or investment. It is highly unlikely for one to be defrauded, Why Now is the Best Time for Startups and you can monitor how your coin is trading in the current market with just having a cryptocurrency wallet, and you’re set.

Cryptocurrencies are running on blockchain technology, a safe technology where you all can trace how your transactions are doing in real-time. No more bank ques to request bank statements.

Blockchain technology prevents people from being victims of chargeback. Transaction reversals are prohibited in Bitcoin. Once a transaction is made, there has to be an agreement between the parties involved if there is a change of mind.

The wave that is sweeping the tech market For Customers

BTC has been on the rise since it first hit the market in 2008, and more people are investing in it each day, even using it to buying gift cards. It has become such a popular way of storing money that many large companies like Microsoft and Dell now accept it as payment. Dell was one of the first major companies to accept BTC when they began taking it in July 2014.

Receive payments fast

For a startup, being at the forefront of adopting new trends sets you on the higher rank at the table when technology is involved. Working with international clients will help you receive payments faster, in minutes, compared to the old traditional money transfer and bank delays. You can even run some blogs teaching your clients how to buy cryptocurrencies.

Free cost to set up a wallet

Doing businesses online today is far much easier than it was five years ago. To join this space, all you need is your smartphone, and in just a few clicks, you’ll have a wallet ready that can help you buy bitcoin anytime. You can even conveniently buy bitcoin with debit card or a credit card. Switching to crypto as a payment method is stress-free. There are lots of plugins you can integrate with your website to receive payments.

The risk of inflation should not bother you.

The risk of inflation is what mostly affects the currencies we use. The central bank gets to decide on when to print more or a few monies. In this scenario, one gets to buy a cryptocurrency from those already in circulation in the market.

When transacting, you can decide whether to sell your coins immediately or keep them as you wait for their price to go up. Meaning more value for your coins. Keep in mind that this coin has transacted over $ 1 Billion in value so far.

Final thought

According to Standard Chartered research, Bitcoin is expected to record a price of $1,000,000 per BTC over the next five years.

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