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Why Memphis is a Popular Tourist Destination

Tourism season is gearing up again, and nobody feels that more than Memphis, Tennessee! Nashville may have its country fans, but Memphis is the place to go for those who like blues and rock. Though there are many things to do in Nashville, Tennessee, you can enjoy your time in Memphis. This city has a strong connection to the underground railroad.

Although its past is a mixed bag, there are many reasons to enjoy the present in this city!  Here are the top reasons Memphis is a popular tourist destination.

The Home of Elvis

Graceland is the place that Elvis called home from 1957 until he passed.  This beautiful property is a very popular tourist destination for fans who loved his music or just enjoyed the iconography he had.  He was the king of rock and helped bring a lot of popularity to Memphis, with thousands of fans making a pilgrimage to his house every year so that they can pay their respects

Sun Studio

Sun Studio is where many greats recorded records that changed the way we view music.  From Johnny Cash to Roy Orbison, even Elvis was known to have recorded music here.  Although these musicians are no longer with us, their legacy lives on within Sun Studio, and it calls thousands of fans to it every month.  People want to walk the same streets as these legends and imagine how they must have felt living here.  It’s the closest fans can get to them anymore.

The National Civil Rights Museum

Memphis is one of the best-known spaces where human rights riots and protests have happened. Yet, this city is lively with a constant call to action for people to fight to win the rights we all deserve.  This museum is a large memorial and respectful tribute to everything that people have been through.  Although it has a retro feeling about it, it uses this to its advantage to remind you what it might have been like to live through some of the roughest parts of American history.

The Memphis Zoo

Nothing gets a family together quite as fast as a fantastic zoo!  The Memphis Zoo is a great zoo that sprawls out over acres and acres of land and offers the chance to see the wild side of things.  Commissioned as one of the four zoos in America to house a giant panda from China, this zoo has countless animals and exhibits for visitors to enjoy. Unfortunately, there’s too much to see for just one visit, so don’t be shy about looking at Memphis houses for sale so that you have an excuse to come back every weekend!

Memphis-Brooks Museum of Art

This museum is more than just a building that houses art: it’s a piece of art itself.  Using cylindrical design to draw the eyes to art and intelligently creative spacing for details, you’ll feel like every inch of the building is a carefully curated masterpiece that you won’t want to look away from. This is one of the top things that people care about when visiting because it’s home to endless forms of expression and art that you can’t find anywhere else—a must-see in Memphis.

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