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Why MBA after Engineering

Before going for an MBA you should know why MBA after B-Tech. If you consider B-Tech it is a very skill-oriented course in which you are taught to be specialised in one particular field of technology. If we see the statistics of B-Tech in India 80 per cent of engineers lack the skill to be employable. Jobs out there require more skill and talent than what the individual has to offer. After your B-Tech, you have two options for your masters one being M-Tech and the other is MBA. If you feel you would like to continue your career in the same technological field as your B-Tech then you might choose M-Tech but if you want to explore the business side of the industry then you should go for an MBA. Benefits of MBA after engineering is high as it includes your technical knowledge, increase your managerial skills and many more. 

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1 You get ahead quick

After doing an MBA you will start working as a manager instead of an individual contributor. Being an engineer you will not be promoted to the manager level until and unless you have the proper experience and overall knowledge of the business of your field. So getting an MBA saves yours time and directly in the manager’s position.

  1. Salary is better

As we discussed in the point above, you start at a manager level position and this is one of the highest paying jobs in the world that indicates that you will be starting with a high salary too. Having a head start means you have an advantage over others and the salary will tend to rise similarly ahead in your career.

  1. Variety of Career options

The subjects taught in the course of MBA mainly cover all the important aspects of business such as finance, statistics, economics, HR, IT etc. Knowing so many subjects makes a candidate ready for multiple jobs in multiple horizons,  with proper exposure to all these domains you can seek jobs in multiple sectors of the business.

  1. You meet a lot of people from the industry

Being an MBA graduate you will have to work with multiple industry insiders. As it is said “your network is your net worth”, having a network of industry professionals will be beneficial to you to seek guidance or for any future business prospects. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur then building a good network of people will always be beneficial to you.

  1. Pursue your own Business

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur then getting an MBA after your BTech will be a great start to it, as you will have good technical knowledge along with a strong business understanding and a strong network of people who might be having similar thinking like you. Your strong background in education and good domain knowledge will also make a strong resume for you to be pitched in front of a potential investor seeking to invest in your business.

Answering the question 

Why MBA after Engineering

When asked in your interview “Why did you choose MBA after your Engineering “ you must give the panel a satisfying answer to convince them .Here are few samples for the answer you can give or refer to these samples to create your own version of the answers.

Below given are sample answers . You may refer to them and try to fit in your story in one of these and make it more personal .

Sample Answer 1

During my BTech in Mechanical Engineering  I had a thought of exploring some more fields of academics and I did not want it to be in the field of engineering , so I decided to choose and go for an MBA . Doing an MBA would not only help me fully fill my intention of exploring academics but will also provide me with holistic knowledge of business . By doing this I will be able to complete myself Which I had always thought of. I intend to be an all-rounder with good technical as well as business knowledge which will not only help me grow but will also help the organization where I might work in the future.

Sample Answer 2

After completing my BTech in E&TC engineering I figured out that now it’s the time to get business knowledge. I aspire to build something of my own , and to produce something for this world and I can achieve that by starting a business which definitely needs a individual to be great at both the technical and the business part  of it. Another reason to do an MBA is that I might find some like minded people. I consider MBA as the next stepping stone of my life which will help me fulfill my goal of starting my own business.

Sample Answer 3

During the   period of my Civil engineering I figured it out that I was more inclined towards the business side of the project. I realised that the analysis skills I had combined with my great communication  skills made  me a great candidate for MBA .Engineering helped me build a strong logic and problem solving ability and now I want to combine it with the financial and business aspects.  I am confident that if I continue the engineering side I will make it to the manager level soon but without wasting time I want to experience getting an MBA degree and excel my skills.

Sample Answer 4

During the period of my  mechanical engineering we were assigned projects , while working in the project as a team leader I figured it out that I had the skills to manage my team and provide efficient results in a given time. My interest was more inclined towards managing people and less towards the technical part of it. After completing my B-Tech I knew what my interest lay in and I wanted to pursue an MBA. An MBA will help me enhance my pre-existing management and communication skills, giving me a career that I want to pursue.

Sample Answer 5

After analysing the industry scenario I concluded that the market is brimming with students having technological backgrounds. When companies hire they prefer candidates who have expertise in both technical and managerial tasks. I think an MBA degree will not only make me industry ready but will also help me develop my overall personality. An MBA degree will also help me connect the dots between engineering, technology, science and the business aspects. Thus as a manager from an engineering background will make me much more effective in the job I do and will let me effectively collaborate with the business leaders.

Sample Answer  6

During my engineering, after finishing multiple internships I had realized my inclination towards people management and my interest in understanding the big picture when it came to business. I was more interested in product development and the finance-related to it. This made me realize that the only way I could give my 100 per cent to an organization was by working on its management side. After my engineering, I want to go for an MBA as it will help me grow and gain knowledge and will also help me get the necessary exposure in the domains in which my interest lies.

Salaries after MBA

MBA in Marketing                          7L – 25L

MBA in Digital marketing               5L – 25L

MBA in Finance                              7L – 25L

MBA in HR                                     5L – 8L

MBA in Business analytics               5L – 18L

MBA in Entrepreneurship                5L – 20L

MBA in Operations                         5L – 10L

MBA in IT                                      5L – 22L

MBA in Event management             2L – 8L


Now that you have got the overall idea of MBA after Engineering, it’s your call to choose to opt for it. Understanding yourself plays a very important role when it comes to choosing this option. See when your interest lies and how an MBA can help you achieve it. MBA is the most sought-after degree in the world and especially in India. There are numerous colleges in India and all over the world that you can choose from. Some people join engineering without ever matching it with their interest, during their engineering they might realize that engineering was not meant for them and here is a chance for you to diversify and enrol yourself in a course that resonates with your interest. If you think you have got the skills and a passion for MBA then you should give it a thought.

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