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Why Is Filing A Personal Injury Claim Worth it?


Were you injured in a car accident but feeling hesitant about speaking to your attorney? Do you doubt whether you will win the case or lose all your savings during the process? If so, you might be dealing with overwhelming life changes due to other’s negligence.

When someone is being negligent and ends up causing an accident, that same person should be liable for the damages they have caused being faulty from the accident. When you suffer from the injury or damages caused by someone else’s negligence, you definitely do not want to bear its expenses. 

These damages can also end up being long-term, and you will lose thousands of dollars from your work. Medical bills are add on to that. You may be under severe financial strain. Things will get worse if you are already on a tight budget. 

When you find yourself in such a situation, you must contact legal professionals to help you deal with the problems. The Barnes Firm is one of the reputable legal organizations that help their clients to get their money from the liable party.

Proceeding With A Personal Injury Claim

When you are suffering damages or injuries from an accident, you may be hesitating about filing a personal injury claim as you are afraid of going to the courthouse. However, if your personal injury lawsuit claims are supported with the right documents, you might be able to settle the case outside the court.

There have been instances where the personal injury claims have been taken care of even before reaching the courtroom for trials. If your case is built with strong evidence, your opposition might wish to settle the lawsuit in the settlement phase.

In case the other party has any kind of insurance coverage, you must file a third-party claim against the insurer of the party. So, whenever you meet with an accident, always take the name and contact details of the other party along with the name of the policy and insurance carrier. 

The process will start when you send the notice to the insurer. The claim must contain the following details.

  • The severity of your damage.
  • The reason why you think they are liable for it.
  • Supporting documents and pieces of evidence.

The Basics Of Filing a Personal Injury Claim

When you are willing to file a personal injury claim, there are some basic steps that you need to follow.

Steps Of Filing A Personal Injury Claim

  • Call the police and make sure that the accident report is duly filed. You also need to establish medical care right away.
  • Now, gather supporting documents and evidence. Taking pictures of the accident, talk with the witnesses who were present at the time of the accident. 
  • You also need to exchange all this information with the other driver if the accident involves any other parties.
  • Your medical bills and documents also need to be included in your file. Finally, get repairing estimates for the damage, itemize the damages, and present the total value of your claim. 

Some More Basics

As the claims of one accident victim differ significantly from another accident victim, the settlement for the claims will also vary significantly. Whenever you are suffering from damages, you should seek proper guidance from a personal injury attorney

Accident injury lawyers do not have any upfront costs. Therefore, till the time you are not winning the claim and getting the compensation, you no need to pay your attorney.

There are a lot of personal injury attorneys who can help you with meeting the costs of recovery. They can also suggest to you some medical places where they will arrange some cost-effective arrangements before getting your claim for the damages. 


Filing a personal injury claim can help you get the amount you are about to pay for someone else’s fault. However, you also need to know about the time duration of filing a personal injury claim. This period may vary based on the place and type of accident.

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