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Why Is Eddie Stranger Things the Most Popular Character?

Eddie munson played by actor Sean Astin, is one of the most popular characters in the Netflix original Stranger Things. He’s an overgrown teenager that wears New York Yankees apparel. And always has his headphones on while riding his bike through the sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana. The character’s popularity stems from being completely different from the other characters in the series. Eddie doesn’t have special powers or high intelligence. So, he must rely on his wits to survive everything he comes across on his ride home from high school every day. To help explain why he’s become one of the most well-liked characters on Eddie stranger things. We must first examine Eddie’s personality traits and role in the show itself.

About Eddie stranger things:

Eddie Munson is one of the most popular characters in Stranger Things. The show starts with the disappearance of a 12-year-old boy named Will, who has a mental connection to the character. This makes Eddie very important to the story and keeps him front and center for much of Season 1. In terms of age, he was about 15 years old at the start of Stranger Things. He’s got a lot on his plate and is seen struggling with his weight throughout the series. It seems like he doesn’t have many friends until Dustin moves in next door.

But even that takes some time to develop, as they don’t always get along in Season 1. Eventually, he becomes good friends with Dustin and Mike. One thing I like about Eddie stranger things is how it portrays the difficulties kids go through in high school–the bullying, awkwardness, etc. For example, it can be challenging when you’re overweight (as seen with Eddie) or are shy. What I think Stranger Things does so well which some might not realize is to make all these problematic issues relatable.

Why are people preoccupied with Eddie?

People preoccupy with Eddie stranger things because he is a kid that must mature too fast and can do what others cannot. At the age of thirteen, Eddie Munson, plays by Finn Wolfhard, and some people find this very interesting. Stranger things Eddie seems like an older version of our protagonist Will Byers (Noah Shannon). Because they both must deal with difficult situations that they are not ready for. One thing that makes him different from other characters is his sarcasm and rude remarks. In the first episode, you see how upset he was when all his friends went over to Mike’s house instead of coming over to play video games with him.

Eddie stranger things season 4 Eddie life seems challenging at times. And we want them to succeed, so we hope they make it through the series alive. Stranger things do a good job showing how Eddie Munson played by Finn Wolfhard, struggles to grow up in an adult world. He just wanted to hang out with his friends, and instead, they went to another friend’s house. He tries to be cool about it, but you can tell deep down he is sad. When the four boys return, he acts happy and normal, which only means one thing eddie stranger things wants a group of close friends who love him unconditionally.

Eddie Connects with Kids:

Eddie stranger things connects with kids Berra because he’s a kid himself. His sister is eleven years older than him, and her friends are in college. He doesn’t seem to have many other friends, but he has his bike and the friendship of Hopper. He also seems to know more about what’s going on than anyone else except maybe Mike and the crew. His adventures with Hopper are probably the best scenes of season two. They’re so much fun to watch! How old is Eddie? Stranger things Eddie isn’t specified in the show, but some people think he’s around 20 or 21 years old. The ages of characters in the front can be confusing at times, though. The kids that live in Hawkins are all between 20 and going 21 years old.

So, if Eddie were just a little bit older than Eleven, then he could be considered an adult. And after all that time alone following Barb’s disappearance from their home. It would be understandable if he would want to do something other than follow the rules again. He had nothing left to lose, which made him one of the most dangerous threats. If you haven’t guessed already. We think Eddie is one of the best characters on Stranger Things not just. Because he’s the main character this season. But also, because he connects with viewers and shows us what it means to be a typical teenager in such extraordinary circumstances.

Get the hang of an Iconic Look:

Everyone knows that Eddie stranger things is the epitome of cool. He’s a little older, has a ton of swagger, and knows how to dress. The best part is that he never fails to look iconic, even when he’s not wearing his trademark leather jacket. It might be hard for some of us to get the hang of such an iconic look, but we’re going to break it down so you can dress like your favorite character from eddie stranger things! Eddie’s age gives him some experience wrapping well and pulling off various looks.

The last thing about how old is Eddie: You don’t have to make this style work for just an occasion or just one day in your life. You can wear these clothes anytime because they’re both versatile and timeless! Once you’ve picked your outfit, it’s time to find the perfect shoe. Eddie always wears boots with his outfits, so try to find a pair that suits your needs. When it comes to accessories, keep them subtle by add only what’s need. A belt and a nice watch are great choices.

An exception with an altruistic:

Eddie stranger things is one of the most popular characters on Stranger Things because he’s a fun and good-natured boy. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and is always happy to spend time with his friends. He’s also the youngest character on the show, which may make him more relatable to younger viewers. Eddie isn’t old enough to drive yet, but he does have extensive knowledge of Star Wars and Steve Jobs. Eddie’s not as shy as Mike or Nancy, making him more outspoken than some other characters on the show.

He has a fun sense of humor that seems to come out in his jokes about how adults act and his interactions with his best friend, Dustin. Eddie’s super into sci-fi movies if you can’t tell from his Star Wars shirt. There are plenty of reasons why fans love Eddie so much! Eddie’s age makes him seem innocent, funny, likable, and relatable. His friendships are strong due to their age difference. And it’s not just how he behaves around others; how old Eddie is would determine what his favorite tv shows are too!

Who is Scared in Hawkins?

Given the elements that made the character a fan favorite, this is presumably a minor detail, yet it still makes him relatable. The children in the show, as well as many adults, are engage in face-to-face battles with all sorts of dangerous creatures, and in every instance, these children give their all as if there is nothing left to live for. For most people, however, facing such evil constantly, they may feel they would only exist to exist.

On the other hand, Eddie stranger things has an entirely different reaction: upon witness Chrissy murder by Vecna, his first instinct is to run and hide. Throughout the series and when face with each of the dreadful events the group must deal with, Eddie is the only one who is afraid and hesitates whether they should endanger their own lives. Yet, he still takes the risk because even though he is scared, he is driven by his bravery and affection for others.

A Genius cut off in a Broken System:

Eddie is a teenager who struggles at school, yet he remains optimistic that it will be his graduation year. Yet, as we know, he is a very well-read and bright character who often references literary pieces and is a great storyteller with endless creativity. Based on those characteristics, he should not be a troubled student at school at all. However, his struggles probably stem exclusively from his eccentric personality, proving how, often, the school system fails those children and teenagers who do not fit in with the expectations placed on them.

One Heroic Death and a Sense of Injustice:

The fourth season of Stranger Things finds Eddie struggling with feeling like a coward for running away when Chrissy was murdered. He has convinced himself that he cannot be a hero and will never be one. He downplays the feelings this whole situation makes him feel. Eddie stranger things decided to follow his heart as the season ended, becoming a hero during the battle against Vecna, specifically the Demobats.

One of the most heartbreaking scenes of the show was when he managed to shed the burden of his prejudices. Eddie could have saved himself, but he decided to stay and fight for his people. Still, his death was surrounded by a halo of injustice, as Hawkins residents do not know his true story, and despite his tremendous sacrifice, they still think of him as a murderer and a member of a satanic cult.


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