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Why Go for Self-Publishing Your Book: 5 Important Reasons

Writers, researchers, and entrepreneurs share their knowledge and experiences through writing. In spite of the numerous digital platforms to get information, Why Go for Self-Publishing Your Book: 5 Important Reasons a large demographic still prefers to read books over blogs or articles. To reach those precious readers, you as a writer may decide to put your information into a book.

The challenge comes when it comes time to publish the book. The traditional publishing process can be quite complicated. Also,  there is a high possibility that your draft will get rejected or modified in ways that are noWhy Go for Self-Publishing Your Book: 5 Important Reasons acceptable to you. 

Therefore, self-publishing is the best way to get your message in exactly the way you want it. 

5 Reasons You Should Consider Self-Publishing Your Book

We are about to share the seven major reasons why you should consider self-publishing. A popular option is to use a self-publishing company that will let you retain full freedom with your content while taking care of some of the complicated and technical work. 

  • Your Book Will Definitely Be Published

A major problem with traditional publishers is that your years of hard work can be rejected. As a result, your book may not be published at all. In order to avoid this situation, self-publishing is the best route to choose.

Generally, you are supposed to find a literary agent who will introduce your manuscript to publishers. But it might take years to find an agent who believes in you. Many publishers will not even consider publishing books that do not come via an agent.

Secondly, getting an agent and having them send your book to publishers does not guarantee that your manuscript will be published. There is still the possibility that your book will be rejected. 

Obviously, when you publish your own book, you do not have to go through the hassles of the traditional publishing process. No wonder more and more new writers are interested in self-publishing and avoiding the hassle.


  • You Have Full Control over Your Book

When you self-publish, you are in charge of making the final decisions, whether it be a financial matter or a creative one. You do not get this benefit when you publish your book in the traditional way.

In traditional publishing, once you sign with the publisher, you pretty much give away all your rights to the book. The publisher can change your manuscript according to their own wishes. They can remove some parts from your writing, have other writers add some parts, and so on. Moreover, the editing, cover design, printing, and everything will be under the control of the publisher.

When you publish your own book, you can choose your own proofreader, freelance editor, and cover designer to complete the process. Your thoughts and ideas will be the only ones reflected in your book. Also, you get to choose the methods of printing, distribution, and so on.

  • You Get Higher Royalty Rates

A writer gets a fixed percentage from the publisher for each book sale, known as the royalty rate. Usually, the royalty rate is about 10 to 15 percent for most writers. For newer writers, the rate might be even less. 

If this royalty rate is acceptable is up for debate. However, if you publish your own book, you can get a higher royalty rate for your marketable book, which could be between 70 to 100 percent. When you are in charge of everything, you alone get the profit after the expenses of publishing the book. 

Moreover, there might be some complications in sales as there are many options available for sale these days. Publishers might only count hardcopies sold from a book store for your royalties. However, there could be sales via e-commerce platforms, audiobook apps, and so on. To keep the rights and get the full profits on your hard work, self-publishing is the route to go.

  • You Can Publish Your Book Faster

As we mentioned earlier, with traditional publishing, it can take a long time to find a literary agent and publisher. Even after finalized, it can take months for your book to come to market. The publisher will still go through all the processes of editing, proofreading, cover designing, printing, marketing, and distribution, which are time-consuming.

Moreover, you never know how much the publisher will prioritize publishing your book over other writers. It can easily get delayed. In the case of self-publishing, it takes much less time to publish a book.

  • You Can Personalize Your Marketing Campaigns

Traditional book publishers put out minimal effort in marketing campaigns for new authors. You will hardly get a press release and a few signing events. This seriously hampers your chances of success. 

You might assume your publisher will take care of the marketing. However, writers are pretty much on their own when it comes to marketing their books. They have to do their own promotion through their social media. The only real marketing that publishers do is for established writers. 

When you are self-publishing, you can determine how and when to initiate any marketing campaigns. You can consider all the different aspects of marketing, like traditional marketing, events, social media marketing, and so on. Moreover, as a writer, you are more aware of your fan base and find a suitable marketing strategy. You can set the budget and plan the campaigns according to that.


Publishing a book might be your lifelong dream. A book will contain your ideas, thoughts, experiences, and most importantly, hard work. It is rewarding when you can share your thoughts with the rest of the world. 

However, it becomes really disappointing when you face difficulty due to the mistreatment of publishers. This is why it is best to go for self-publishing if you are thinking about writing a book.

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