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Why Do Young People Prefer Online Gambling?

Young people like to gamble – but not just at casinos and racetracks. According to a study in the UK, nine out of 10 young people have gambled or bet on online casinos, and one in seven admit they have become addicted (BBC News). Online gambling is an increasingly popular pastime for many reasons: it’s easier than ever thanks to the convenience of smartphones; it’s harder for parents or teachers to monitor what kids are doing online, and there’s no age limit.

In this article, we will discuss the primary reasons why young people prefer gambling at online casinos – including accessibility, convenience and anonymity – and look at why kids are more susceptible to addiction and what parents can do about it.


The accessibility of online casinos is one reason why young people enjoy gambling so much. People who are new to gambling may be put off by the physical nature of casinos and racetracks. They might find them intimidating or not have the opportunity to go there (for example, because they live in a small town). For these reasons, many young people are reliant on online gambling websites for their gambling needs.

One of the more serious issues regarding online gaming is the ease with which children may access it. For example, a child with basic computer skills and an internet connection can be on the PokerStars website (one of the largest online poker sites) or SkyBet (one of the largest sports betting sites) in just a few minutes. They could also visit William Hill, one of the oldest online casinos in the UK, and bet on live sports events or try their luck at roulette.

Most modern smartphones and computers come pre-loaded with software that offers access to a variety of online gambling websites, making it even easier for kids to get their hands on them.

Online Gambling and Youth

The desire for gambling among the youth is not a new phenomenon, but as the world has changed, so have how they gamble. With some governments taking their gambling laws more seriously than others and with online poker being a far less secretive pastime than it was even a decade ago, it seems that today’s youth are drawn to online poker – or other forms of internet gaming – more than ever before. 

There are many reasons why young adults prefer online gambling to other forms of gaming. It is easy and can be completed in the privacy of one’s own house. It can be played on the go as well, which makes it ideal for someone who is always on the move and has very little free time. 

It also helps that poker often comes with a social component that some cannot find in other forms of betting, making this game more enjoyable than something like slot machines or even online casino table games. 

Finally, there is also the factor of not being in charge of one’s financial situation. Online poker can allow players to win big and lose even bigger; there is no need to worry about going into debt or spending too much too quickly. This allows people to gamble in ways that complement their natural gambling tendencies, and it can be fun as well. 

Reasons for Preference

Young adults have a long history with online casinos and poker sites, making it easier for them to find new online casinos on which to play. Not only is online gambling convenient and easy to access, but it also comes with a wide variety of options for selecting precisely what you want to play before you even begin playing. Instead of showing up at a casino and not finding a particular game, online players can choose exactly what they want to play before even placing a bet.

This gives them a better level of control over the type of gaming they want to indulge in and reduces any frustration that could have been felt had they chosen differently. Because of the wide range of options open to players, it also allows them to play whatever games they want whenever they want. 

Online games that involve skill-based determination can be played at any time, which is an advantage over slot machines or table games where players may only have certain hours in which they can play. Those hours are limited by the availability of a particular type of game.

Additionally, online gambling lends itself to having more flexibility, with people able to make their schedules while still keeping their access to online gaming open at all times. People who prefer mobile gaming will also be happy about this because they can play whenever they please. It is convenient for them as well.

New Survey Provides Insights on Young Adults Who Gamble Online 

A survey of people between the ages of 18 and 34 who gambled online was recently conducted to learn more about this age group and why they prefer online gambling over offline methods. The survey asked over 12,000 Internet users between the ages of 18 and 35 to prefer online gambling over other forms of betting.

This new survey found that it wasn’t necessarily the gaming itself that drew these individuals to this platform but rather the convenience associated with it. They also learned that while many people are concerned about the dangers of gambling, only 8% of respondents said they were worried about the potential for addiction.

There are also some excellent benefits to online gambling that have nothing to do with being in the comfort of one’s own home. It is easy and inexpensive for young adults to enroll in online casinos. They can play games from anywhere at any time. This allows them to play easily whenever they want without worrying about a fixed schedule or having to leave the house to play at a casino.

Online gambling provides access even when they are on the go, which means those who spend most of their time out and about will be happy about this as well. Online gambling also comes with a variety of options, so it is not just limited to one type of game.

The Rise of Playground Games on the Net

Nowadays, the craze among people is online gambling. Almost every youth today is hooked to online gambling. Online gambling provides a range of options for players to check out the type of games, amounts, and stakes they wish to bet on and then place their bets.

There are many popular real money games in online casinos, such as online blackjack, online roulette, online slots, etc. With so much variety at an affordable cost, one tends to lose control over their money while playing these games. When the excitement of winning gets more intense, the gamer loses his/her self-control. It starts spending more time gaming than other productive things in life, thus leading them into various problems like a financial crisis or bad health conditions.

Final Thought

With the rise of technology, online casinos are getting more and more sophisticated. These casinos use the latest technologies such as interactive software and user-friendly interfaces to provide an exceptional gaming experience. Online gambling is not only for adults; it is also for children and teens.

The parents can easily supervise their children’s gaming activities by using parental control options like the “parental lock” or “child-friendly” option to ensure that they are only playing with safe and secure software. There are many software designed especially for young players, which has fewer chances of landing them in trouble than the older type.

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