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Why Do I Need Packing Papers For? – Here is the reason behind it

As it sounds packing papers are for all your packing and wrapping needs. Like, recently I had to look up wrapping gift ideas. Of course, I wanted something simple and recyclable for wrapping my gift. And that’s when the idea of using packing paper for wrapping gifts effortlessly popped in my head.

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Packing Papers

Another reason why I chose packing paper is for its eco-friendly feature. And you should too if you’re planning to wrap things up in a more energy-saving way.

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For anyone who is wondering, “Why do I need packing papers for?”

I’m here to answer that in this post.

Read on to learn more about packing papers uses, comparisons, and where to get free packing paper.

Packing Paper Uses

Packing paper is made with unprinted newspaper and comes in white or brown colors. While you can use it for your moving purposes, you can also reuse it again. There are handfuls of packing paper uses. Here are some practical uses of packing paper.

Use it for your delicate items

During your move, you can use rolls or sheets of packing paper to protect your breakable items. You can wrap glassware, dishes, mugs, vase and any other fragile valuables.

Fill any empty spaces

Ever wondered why boxes have some crumbled pieces of brown paper filled in? Well, that’s because packing paper fills the empty spaces between items to keep them from moving. This can be extremely convenient if you’re moving. So next time you find any space between the items, just shove some packing paper.

Protect your furniture and other appliances

Refurbishing your house requires painting walls, which in turn, splatter color stains everywhere. For that reason, you can utilize any remaining packing paper (after the move) to cover your furniture and appliances.

Clean your glass windows

Don’t throw away that remaining packing paper! Why? Because making use of it by cleaning the glass windows. You can wipe all dust away with packing paper, leaving your windows lint-free.


Now that we know its uses, let’s compare it with its other competitors to understand what makes it so great. Of course, this comparison is just to pinpoint some features between them so you can have a better idea.

Packing Paper vs Bubble Wrap

While Bubble Wrap is reusable packing material, packing paper can take a lot less space than bubble wrap. Moreover, it’s cheap and easily available. But if you’re to go for heavy-duty packing, then you must need air-filled bubble wrap. Also, while you can’t wrap your gifts in bubble wrap (Unless you want to) packing paper will be useful for this.

Packing Paper vs Packing Peanuts

Remember those soft Styrofoam peanuts? Many people still use them for shipping. However, when it comes to choosing between packing peanuts and packing paper, the latter wins the game. For its recyclable properties, packing paper beats packing peanuts because packing paper is easily recyclable.  You can reuse packing paper for wrapping gifts, vases and other stuff that packing peanuts can never!

Where to get free packing paper

 You can get cheap packing paper in big stores offline and online like Wal-Mart and Amazon, for example. However, you can get some free packing paper too if you’re not going to pay bucks for it. But, you would need to hunt some places for that. For example, ask your friends or neighbor.

If not, you will need to pay a visit near Recycling Centre for finding free packing paper.

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