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Why Cryptocurrency Is Popular in 2022: Development Analysis

What is cryptocurrency? It is a digital asset based on blockchain technology. It doesn’t need a central monetary authority such as a government. By featuring cryptographic elements, Why Cryptocurrency Is Popular in 2022: Development it is available for purchase and sale.

Bitcoin has become the major crypto. Having the largest market cap, Why Cryptocurrency Is Popular in 2022: Development it has the power to influence the crypto market. Generally, there are almost 10,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation these days. This means that the crypto revolution has already started by taking over large corporations and making many people millionaires. Why Cryptocurrency Is Popular in 2022: Development 

Some people use cryptocurrency to make purchases, while others treat it as a long-term investment. Whatever intentions you have set for yourself, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Check our development analysis and then click here.

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Cryptocurrency Regulation

Now that El Salvador has already established Bitcoin as its national currency, many other countries consider doing the same thing. Or they try to integrate crypto deeper into national economies.

Today, U.S. companies are operating without clear guidelines. How to protect the crypto capital if the crypto market goes down? How to cover the investor’s losses? The U.S officials have expressed their strong intention to regulate the exchange of cryptocurrency. To protect investors from ransomware attacks, they will find a way to adjust laws to crypto without compromising on safety and security.

The new law will force private and corporate investors to report tax information about all crypto trades. The exchange will keep the record of taxable events on the platform, including the rate of Bitcoin upon purchase and sale. Make sure that you rely on a cryptocurrency exchange that operates in compliance with federal and state regulators. This way, you will let the government protect you from fraudulent activities.

Crypto ETF Approval

With the first Bitcoin ETF being introduced on the New York Stock Exchange in 2021, a more convenient way to invest in crypto became available. The BITO Bitcoin ETF allows investors to buy cryptocurrency directly from investment brokerages.

Some experts claim that the BITO ETF doesn’t solve the problem of crypto purchases. While the fund is connected to Bitcoin, it can’t hold the crypto directly. Instead, it holds Bitcoin futures that can’t keep track of the crypto price. Hopefully, an ETF that holds Bitcoin directly will appear in the nearest future.

Many investors will focus on BITO. Will it become a major trend? We can’t say it for sure. Meanwhile, you can trade your digital assets by transferring crypto from the brokerage to your portfolio directly.

Buying cryptocurrencies like BITO is still a risky affair. You never know whether it will double up your investment or make you lose everything. Make sure that you really want to have cryptocurrency in your portfolio.

Broader Institutional Cryptocurrency Adoption

Even the biggest companies took interest in cryptocurrency. Look at Tesla, Facebook, and even PayPal. They all are trying to follow the trend of digital currencies regardless of the industry they belong to. Business experts predict that even more companies could adopt cryptocurrencies in 2022.

Amazon has expressed its desire to get involved in crypto. It considers a possibility to create a digital currency and blockchain product lead. The project hasn’t been started yet. But the company seems to be quite serious about its plans.

When it comes to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency, a lot of companies have already approved this format of financial obligations. In the future, there will be even more spots where people can exchange their digital coins for products and services. It’s unclear how long will it take to rearrange the market. It may take years or centuries.

The Future of Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that determines the trends in the crypto market thanks to the large market cap. Whether it goes up to $65,000 or falls down to $39,000, altcoins have to follow its lead. Considering the political and economic instability all over the world, it’s getting more and more difficult to predict the future of cryptocurrency accurately.

Most experts state that it’s a matter of time before Bitcoin hits $100,000. Previous spikes of Bitcoin may provide some clues. According to Kiana Danial, author of “Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies,” Bitcoin usually demonstrates short-term volatility followed by long-term growth. If you purchase Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as a long-term investment, you shouldn’t worry about short-term falling as it will stop sooner or later.

Even though Bitcoin seems to be independent of the U.S. federal government, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t react to surrounding events. In fact, all cryptocurrencies happen to be reliant on the infrastructure powering the crypto world. What if the Chinese government will decide to make changes to cryptocurrencies at a basic level by approaching the data miners? The consequences are going to be unpredictable. And this is just one of the possible scenarios.


What value will cryptocurrency have for investors in 2022? We can only speculate on this question. No one will give an exact answer. The further progress of crypto depends on many political, economic, social, and even environmental factors.

Cryptocurrencies will remain a risky investment for a while. So investors should purchase as much as they are ready to lose. Meanwhile, it won’t hurt to consider more conventional investments from a long-term perspective. Financial experts recommend you keep your investments small, without putting your crypto investments above other financial assets.

The situation will change with the growing crypto market regulation. Let’s say the development of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will surely turn Bitcoin and Ethereum into safer financial assets.


Cryptocurrency has received a solid boost in 2021 when El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as the national currency. We are about to see even more countries experimenting with crypto as a legal form of currency. This seems to be a reasonable step with all the growing inflation around the world.

While crypto has been touted as a currency of the future, its massive rollout will take some time. We are here to observe the transformations of the financial system.

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