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Why am I not happy–Is it Post pregnancy depression?

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Is it post pregnancy depression? Is it the reason of depression? Learn everything about post pregnancy.

Post-Partum Depression

Post-partum mom thinking, why am I not happy? As a woman, we go through different phases of life and motherhood is among them. At the same time, both parents go through an emotional roller coaster. New moms often ask themselves if they are doing enough and right for their babies.

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At some point, all women experience depression. Sleep deprivation, feeding every 10 12 times a day, not having the pre-pregnancy body, hormonal change, and wild thoughts often push mothers into postpartum depression.


Few are the symptoms of postpartum depression. She keeps asking herself, why am I not happy? The feeling of attachment with a baby and a sense of belonging is not present. It looks meaningless to live and keep thinking when it will end. 

post pregnancy

When does it begin?

There is no proper explanation at what stage of pregnancy or after delivery it develops. It often gets confused with baby blues as well. There are many contributing factors, and not one reason why few mothers develop it and others do not. 

In more severe conditions like postpartum psychosis, A mother loses contact with reality. She may have a hallucination, delusional, anxiety, etc., it is rare and may develop within two days to the first two weeks. A mother may get confused and disoriented and even try to kill her baby. To keep baby and mother safe, it is suggested to stay at the hospital.

Help the new moms

If you come across someone who you might think is developing postpartum depression. Help and support new moms. Tell her to ask herself why I am not happy and answer it. Support and encourage her to speak up about her feelings. In this way, a family can support and help a new mom. 

Other ways to keep away postpartum depression include: Make a secure attachment with a baby. The best attachment is breastfeeding. Positive and friendly social contact reduces stress. A family should care for new moms and infants instead of leaving them alone, exhausted and tired. 

Few ways are: 

  • Stay connected to your family and friends. Share your feelings so that you get practical help from your support group. 
  • Join a mothers’ group or new mom band so that their experiences could make you realize you are not alone and everything will settle down soon.
  • Take care of your baby and especially yourself. Care for your physical and mental well-being so that you feel better.
  • Do what you love. It may include skipping housework one day. Going back to exercise and workout. Enjoy some quality time with yourself. Having a complete sleep.
  • Establish your relationship with your partner. Keep the communication open and going. Your partner will understand your condition and encourage you. He can help you do house chores, managing the baby to let you have a proper sleep, and exercise with you. 
  • Treatment of postpartum depression includes therapy, counselling, medication involving anti-depressant, and hormone therapy.

Next time you or your loved one thinks, why am I not happy? Help them fight this depression!

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