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Who should join CPR Certification?

Countless occupations require extensive training programs and college degrees that are required to join a particular field. Several occupations require CPR certification as it is quite necessary to have CPR certification for such occupations. Below-mentioned is some of the most common occupations that require to have an extensive CPR certification. So let us get started. join CPR


Paramedics are the first on the list of people who need to have an extensive CPR certification. Whenever a mishap occurs and you dial 911 for an emergency, paramedics come to the location to provide the possible medical help.

Whenever the paramedics arrive at the desired place, they need to be efficient enough to diagnose the patient and offer the required medical assistance to overcome the emergency.

Paramedics overcome the emergencies instantly by

  • Bandaging and treating injuries and wounds
  • Conducting CPR
  • Providing assistance and first aid to the people to save his life


 Firefighters are the second most important pillars of society. Firefighters require to have a complete CPR certification or training as their presence is required in fire emergencies. Firefighters are also required in those areas where chemical incidents or intense traffic accidents have happened. 

Firefighters are responsible for resolving several other issues, such as

  • Called instantly in those areas required to have a perfect infant car seat installation or fire prevention.
  • Responsible for handling all the emergencies in collapsed and flooded areas
  • Instantly required by making one phone call to perform CPR and first aid
  • Handling emergency cases in which chemicals or toxic materials are involved


While nurses must perform many duties, including providing and coordinating patient care, they must also:

Nurses are an essential component of a hospital and society. It can be quite challenging to start your career as a nurse because a nurse must take care of every patient. Nurses should take CPR certification because this certification is quite necessary for them for a successful career. Moreover, nurses have to join CPR certification because most nurses’ job depends upon checking the cardiovascular health and safety of every patient in the hospital. In addition to the proper care of the patients, nurses are responsible for

  • Giving emotional support to admitted patients and their attendants
  • Doing physical examinations of the patients
  • Recording the changes in the condition of a patient and looking for the symptoms
  • Managing the treatment plan of a patient properly by considering the condition of the condition of a patient
  • Providing necessary information to the patients and their attendants about the disease, disease management, disease prevention, and related information
  • Supervising a health care unit


 Doctors and physicians require to have an extensive CPR certification. Although doctors are specialized in different areas of medicine, such as pediatrics, cardiology, and anesthesiology, they need to have training in CPR. However, doctors also have extensive training in examining, diagnosing, and treating patients of every type. Doctors are also responsible for

  • Managing workload
  • Organizing paramedical staff
  • Promote health education
  • Physical examination of patients and consulting the attendants
  • Doing surgical operations
  • Administering and monitoring medications for the patients
  • Developing authentic treatment plants for the patients

So the doctors have to take complete CPR training to treat the patients in the best possible ways.


Police is another department that should join CPR certification. The main duty of a police officer is to protect the people and community and serve them. 

Police departments assign different duties to police officers. These duties include patrolling in different areas and detecting any suspicious activities happening in these areas. In addition to these duties, police officers are trained to overcome emergency health situations. So that is why police are given CPR certification. Several other duties of police include

  • Citation issuance 
  • Patrolling in assigned areas
  • Respond to 911 calls
  • Arresting criminals after violating the law
  • Manage traffic violation
  • Handle domestic violence 


Lifeguards are also a significant part of every community. 

Lifeguards are responsible for maintaining the safety and health of the people that enter any water body. Water bodies might include swimming pools, oceans, or lakes.

Lifeguards should join CPR certification because CPR certification helps them provide the required medical assistance to the people drowning in any water body. Some people might be injured while swimming. So lifeguards are always there to guard their lives.

Out of all CPR training programs, lifeguards must take first aid training sessions and AED training that makes them eligible to guide the swimmers whenever required. 

Child care providers

 Childcare workers are one of those people who require CPR certification. Childcare workers are one of the most prominent pillars of society, and they are responsible for managing a lot of responsibilities.

Some of the most common responsibilities of childcare workers are mentioned below.

  • Changing pampers for toddlers and infants
  • Guiding children to adopt good hygiene practices
  • Preparation of snacks and meals for children
  • Monitoring and safety of children

As childcare providers are responsible for the tasks mentioned above, they must have CPR certification.

Flight attendants

Flight attendants are last but not the least significant professional that require CPR certification. In any life-endangering mishap, flight attendants are quite necessary. It requires extensive CPR training for a person to start his career as a flight attendant. Flight attendants are responsible for several other duties, such as 

  • Briefing pre-flight details to people
  • Meeting passengers
  • Helping those passengers that have special needs
  • Taking care of the airplane’s cabin

The bottom line

The points mentioned above are some of the most significant people and professions that require CPR training. These points have shown that CPR training is quite necessary for a person to do his best when it comes to the public’s health.

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