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Who is Kobe Bryant? – Know some hidden facts about him

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Kobe Bryant was a star in itself and a loved celebrity. Although he was a basketball player but has a huge fan following. In his 20 years of career, he was part of the national basketball association NBA. He was on the Lakers team in Los Angeles. He was amazing at what he did. He played several matches, did scores and won many awards. He was born on23 August in 1978. And died in 2020 at age of only 41 in a helicopter crash. He was multilingual and able to speak English, Italian and Spanish fluently.

Black mamba or vino

Bryant used to call himself a black mamba. He wanted to carry on the characteristic of black mamba that is 99 percent accurate and consistent. He wanted to score in a game that is 99 percent on target along with speed. Later he started resembling himself as vino to tell the word his play is getting old like fine vine.

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Endorsements and Brand contracts

Bryant was Catholic and told that priest helped him different difficult passes of life for example accusation of rape. Bryant also has multiple endorsements from brands. Also have work contract with brands like Macdonald’s and Italian company Ferrero rochers. But after the allegations regarding rape the contracts were withdrawn.

Happily Married

Bryant was happily married to Vanessa and has 4 kids.  Bryant was a billionaire.  He earned around 680 million usd while he was playing. It’s the highest any athletes have ever earned with playing.

Who is Kobe Bryant? - Know some hidden facts about him


Bryant was also a philanthropist. He was a part of several non-profit organisations. He also founded the family foundation on the name of his and his wife Vanessa.  Its Kobe and Vanessa family foundation. They have also given several donations for charity and welfare.


Bryant also had business venture names body armour super drink. Now it’s 200 million usd. He also launched granity studio which is a production company. He also has a rookie card on his name which is Kobe Bryant rookie card.

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Kobe Bryant Rookie Card

A rookie card is a card related to trading in which an athlete is featured after he/she has reached the highest level of match in their sport. They are worth from a few dollars to millions, billions. The worth also depends on how famous the celebrity is and how much fan following is there. Following his death Kobe Bryant rookie card became more in demand and people started paying a hefty amount to have these limited Kobe Bryant rookie cards.

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