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Where To Find Halal Bento Catering In Singapore

Are you having a company meeting soon? Don’t forget to order meals for your staff. For meetings and small events, it’s ideal to order bento meals.Where To Find Halal Bento Below are some of the shops offering halal bento catering in Singapore.

The Ramen Stall By Singapore

If you’re looking for Halal bento catering in Singapore that serves Japanese food then you should consider a Ramen Stall. This catering service serves authentic Japanese cuisine but with a Singaporean twist. The result is unique dishes that you can only have at a Ramen Stall.Where To Find Halal Bento

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The best thing about this shop is that it uses only the freshest ingredients. They also employ traditional Japanese cooking techniques. They don’t resort to shortcuts and they don’t use artificial ingredients. This shop is also one of the first shops in Singapore to serve Halal Japanese food. Their dishes were hailed by both locals and tourists alike.

Le Rainbow For Singapore

Le Rainbow uses only the finest ingredients in preparing delicious halal food and drinks. If you’re looking for halal bento catering in, then you’ll be delighted to know that they offer portioned bento meals. These are perfect for meetings, as meals for your staff, and even for school events. For sure, your guests and attendees will enjoy the scrumptious halal meals prepared with love by the culinary experts of Le Rainbow.

Le Rainbow offers a complete range of catering options. So if you’re planning a large event like a wedding or even a corporate function, you can be sure that they can handle your requirements. Apart from providing food for your event, they can also help in decorating the venue and in other aspects of event organisation. So you can just focus on more important matters.

Halal Bento Catering Le Rainbow

Chilli Manis

If it’s authentic Peranakan food that you want to serve to your staff and guests, then you should try Chilli Manis. The name means sweet chilli in Bahasa Indonesian. If you’re not familiar with Peranakan cuisine it’s actually a mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian flavours and cooking techniques. If you want your guests to have a taste of authentic Singapore cuisine, then you have to let them try some Peranakan dishes.

These dishes appear simple at first glance. But once you taste them you’ll be welcomed into a world of unique flavours. Chilli Manis is headed by Madam Serene Hoh, a veteran and expert in the Singaporean food industry. She has more than 36 years of experience in the restaurant and catering business. She developed all the dishes served at Chilli Manis.

They have a wide selection of bento sets that are perfect for events, office lunches, and meetings.

DeliHub Catering

DeliHub Catering has a daily rotating menu of local favourites and International fares. Their food is halal certified and if you have other dietary restrictions or requirements all you need to do is to inform them beforehand and they’ll accommodate your request. They also guarantee that food you’ll receive is fresh. This is because they only prepare the meals an hour before delivery. Also, nothing but the freshest ingredients go into their dishes.

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