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When is the Biodiversity Summit going to happen?

Biodiversity is a significant topic of the present era. This Biodiversity Summit is all about this niche. The Summit is an opportunity to demonstrate commitment and leadership to increase our relationship with nature, ensure biodiversity, address the causes of change, and the contribution it offers to all people to enable them to fight against climate change. Our society is linked intimately with it and depends on biodiversity. It is essential for the people, including through its provision of medicine, clean water, and nutritious food. Biodiversity is vital to get protection from extreme events. Its loss and degradation can affect people’s jeopardize and their well-being. Its evidence is clear.

When is Biodiversity Summit going to be held?

On 30 September 2020, the President of the General assembly had convened The United Nations Summit on Biodiversity. He has organized this event at the state head and government level under the theme of “Urgent action on biodiversity for sustainable development.”

What is the event about?

The Biodiversity Summit is about biodiversity and boosting the ecosystem. We all know that there is a variety of life on Earth, and its biological diversity is highly referred to as biodiversity. A variety of microorganisms, animals, and plants, the different eco-system on the planet like coral reefs, rainforests, and desserts, and the infinite diversity of genes in these species are all parts of the biologically diverse earth. 

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Appropriate sustainable and conservation development strategies attempt to recognize it. The reason for holding this event is to motivate people to preserve diversity. Almost all cultures have their bases in biological diversity in any form. There is a quick decline in biodiversities, and it needs to pay attention to it. There are several reasons for this decline in biodiversity. 

Aim of the Biodiversity Summit

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted further the importance of the relationship between nature and humans. With the help of this Biodiversity Summit, it is discussed that human is destroying and degrading biodiversity. Man is undermining the web of life and increases the risk of disease spillover from wildlife to people. Responses to the pandemic give an equal opportunity for transformative change as a global community. An investment in the health of the earth’s people is an investment that we can do for our future and its safety.

Highlights of the event

At the highest level, the 1st Biodiversity Summit highlighted the urgency of action to support the post-2020 global diversity system. It contributes to the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and places the international community. 

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The CBD or convention on Biological diversity is famous with the name biodiversity´s convention. It is a multilateral treaty. This event is organized with three objects, the equitable and fir sharing of advantages arising from generic resources, the sustainable use of its components, and the conversion of biological diversity. This event’s prime goal is to develop national strategies for the sustainable and transformation use of biological diversity. 


The Biodiversity Summit was opened for signature in Rio de Janeiro at the Earth Summit on 5th June 1992. On 29th December 1993, it was entered into force. The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety to the Convention on Biological Diversity is an international treaty governing the movements of LMOs. 

With time, the biodeversity´s importance becomes a severe need, and Biodiversity Summit focuses on this issue more seriously. Their main objective is to boost the ecosystem productivity where all the species, big or small, all have their significance. A large number of plant species are used to grow different types of crops. This even ensures natural sustainability for all life forms.

On the UN General Assembly margins, the summit takes place as part of the UN’s high-level week as the 75th general debate. The previous resolution was held on 31st March 2020. In that session, it was called for the Summit on this to take place from 22 to 23 September 2020. Afterwards, it was rescheduled due to the COVID-19. It was readjusted of high-level meetings in light of restrictions on in-person meetings. 

The Biodiversity Summit consisted of an opening segment. There was a plenary segment, a brief closing segment, and two leaders’ dialogues on general discussion. These were held under the theme of “Urgent action on biodiversity for sustainable development.” Those leaders addressed biodiversity loss and maintaining the biodiversity for sustainable development, partnership for diversity, financing, benefit-sharing, access, capacity-building, innovation, technology, and harnessing science. 

Points raised in the event.

The Biodiversity Summit is organized to encourage other governments to promote knowledge about the significance of biodiversity. Therefore, these points were raised in the event to highlight the importance of Biodiversity. Healthy biodiversity offers several natural services for humans.

  • Ecosystem Services
  • Recovery from unpredictable events
  • Maintenance of ecosystems
  • Contribution to climate stability
  • Pollution breakdown and absorption
  • Nutrient storage and recycling
  • Soils formation and protection
  • Protection of water resources

The Biodiversity Summit is all about the biological resources, and the issues related to it are raised in the event. These were

  • Wood products
  • Ornamental plants
  • Food
  • pharmaceutical drugs and Medicinal resources
  • population reservoirs and Breeding stocks,
  • Future resources
  • species and ecosystems and Diversity in genes

Social benefits are highly significant, and the central niche about it is monitoring, education, and research. It is essential to save tourism and recreation as well as cultural values. It is not easy for a human to replace these things since the cost of replacing it is highly expensive. It makes development and economic sense to move towards sustainability. A report explains that genetic diversity assists in preventing the chances of extinction in the wild.

Researchers are trying to find the reasons for this massive decline in biodiversity, and it is hard to point out the reasons. They are worried about the different diseases, environmental degradation, pollution of the environment, and many more. They focus on farming practices like extensive monoculture cropping and pesticides. It is essential to act quickly on all these issues to make the world safe for everyone.

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