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What To Consider When Buying Coffee Beans

What To Consider When Buying Coffee Beans

Coffee is a great beverage with a huge number of consumers globally. Long-time consumers will tell you that not all coffee is the same. 

The flavors are distinct with some having a sweet taste while others have a bitter taste. The secret lies in the beans used to produce the drink. Right from planting to grounding, the conditions that it is exposed to will determine its chemical and physical attributes. 

Thus, the key to getting the kind of drink that you desire is to know what kind of beans to use in the first place. 

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There is a wide variety available hence lots of options for you. Here are some factors that you should ponder on to be able to buy the right type for you. You can also check out colonyclubdc What To Consider When Buying Coffee Beans for more information.  

  • Arabica vs Robusta 

These are two different groups and the most famous ones globally. Arabica beans have more of an oval shape and are larger in size than their Robusta counterpart that have a small-rounded shape. 

The former does well in areas of high altitude with a cool climate and usually require a lot of labor. Even though the yield is low, it is of high quality hence attracts a high price in the market. 

In contrast, Robusta does well in low altitudes with warm or hot climate and doesn’t require much labor. The yield is high but of lower quality than Arabica. 

When used to produce a drink, Arabica will generally give a sweet flavor while Robusta is associated with a strong bitter taste.

  • Roasting level

The beans can be light, medium, or dark roasted. The 3 will produce beverages of different taste and different level of acidity and caffeine. The first one will have a high level of acidity and caffeine than the other two. 

However, the original flavor of the beans will be maintained. For this reason, this type of roasting is mostly used for high quality coffee like Arabica. The second type will have a balanced taste. 

It is mostly preferred for commercial reasons. The third type will have low levels of caffeine and acidity. It will also mask the actual taste of the beans with an acquired flavor due to the strong roasting that leads to various chemical and physical changes. Robusta is widely used for this.

  • Caffeine concentration.What To Consider When Buying Coffee Beans

Coffee is a good source of caffeine. This is why some people like to consume it before embarking on a laborious task. 

It helps keep them on a high level of alertness. For some people, however, lots of caffeine is not good. It negatively affects their health. Luckily, there is decaffeinated coffee drinks that one can opt for. 

If you prefer to grind the beans on your own, you can still opt for those that contain low levels of caffeine. Dark roasts, for instance, are good for this. Click here What To Consider When Buying Coffee Beans to read more. 

  • Roasting date

Freshly roasted ones will produce much better beverages than stale ones. The longer it stays in storage the more it loses its compounds. Thus, it is important to check the date that they were prepared before you buy them. 

Think of this as checking the manufacturing date of a product in the supermarket to ensure that you get a fresh one. While at it be sure to check other important information as well. 

For example, knowing the place where the coffee was grown and the conditions under which it was processed will give you a good idea of what it tastes like. 

  • Storage

Proper storage is necessary to keep out contaminants and other elements that will interfere with the quality of the coffee. 

The container should be tightly sealed and stored in a dry place with low temperature. Extreme temperatures such as those provided by a refrigerator are bad.  See this link to read moreWhat To Consider When Buying Coffee Beans


The best way to make a refreshing coffee drink is to buy the beans and grind them instead of buying already ground ones. When purchasing you should be keen to ensure that you get fresh produce that is of good quality. Go for the ones that meet your standards in terms of taste, acidity, and caffeine content. This is mainly determined by the extent of roasting. Remember also to store them well in tightly closed containers or vacuum-sealed bags.

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