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What should you know about China PEO?

The China PEO and the employment solution enables you to hire employees in China without requiring the local company. There are various benefits of using the PEO employment solution agency in China.

Some of the main advantages of using the China PEO include no requirement of legal entity, no fee for the setup, onboard employee within 1 month, convenient and quick entry as well as exit from the Chinese market.

Besides this when you hire the PEO agency you can focus on the business whereas all the rest of the details such as managing the HR, administrative and legal tasks are taken care of by the agency. The hiring of PEO agency also helps in reducing the costs and making the procedure simpler.

Understanding the functioning of PEO

The PEO agencies help the foreign companies that are looking to hire the employees in China but they don’t possess the local entities or the resources for hiring the local employees directly.

With the PEO and employment solution provided by agencies such as Jscgroups.Com, they assume the role of legal employer, which goes on record, for the employees in China, while employees are managed and working for your company.

These agencies will sign the contract of local employment with the employees and then manage their various aspects including mandatory benefits, payroll, expenses and tax amongst other things. Basically these agencies are tasked to handle all the HR and employment duties and also ensure compliance to the local regulations.

When you hire the services of PEO and employment solution agencies you can expect a raft of efficient and professional services from them. The package that you get with them includes complete employment, HR service and payroll support. We will break down their services in more detail.

These agencies help with the searching of the right candidate and then recruiting them for your company. They analyze, interview and select the potential for supporting your business operations.

These agencies also sign the bilingual contract of labor which is drafted by the experienced HR professionals and the lawyers for ensuring complete compliance to the local regulations.

The PEO agency also provides the service of completing the essential hiring and exit of employees plus processing them in the government system in a timely manner.

The PEO agencies prepare the payroll report which includes individual income tax, latest payroll and the calculation of social benefits. The PEO agencies also provide support and advice on employment relationship, termination, labor dispute, and issues of severance fees.

These agencies are also responsible for expense claims and reimbursement. They handle the travelling expenses of the employees for ensuring that the claims are in compliance with the latest policies of tax.

There are various PEO agencies that provide efficient services for foreign entrepreneurs in China. The JSC group is one of the best in this domain with multiple years of experience and expert professionals to handle the business as well as legal affairs.

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