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What Services Does Bright Pattern Provide?

When it comes to creating call center solutions, Bright takes the entire cyber cake. Their services can make businesses flourish, whether they’re at enterprise levels or start-What Services Does Bright Pattern Provide ups. Bright Pattern has managed to create the most powerful yet simplest cloud contact center in the market today. They have been developing customer service software for enterprise-grade companies like Genesys and Aspect for over 25 years. What Services Does Bright Pattern Provide

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Bright Pattern has shown the world who is the leader in developing software solutions with omnichannel features that can keep your entire staff and customers connected with a single portal. Their services include traditional channels like email, chat, video, and SMS as well as modern channels like bots, social messengers, and video chat.

If you’re looking to expand your horizons with a potent and effective call center software, look no further than Bright Pattern and its long list of benefits and features, as explained below.

Quality Assurance By Pattern

Bright Pattern’s capability to ensure high-quality services can be traced to its quality assurance practices that are built-in across all channels. AI powers this software’s quality assurance to provide mediation and training for your call center’s agents and to monitor your clients. OmniQM uses advanced AI and analytics to make sure you’re providing nothing but the best customer service to your most valued assets: your clients.

OmniQM is applied in real time to all channels across the board, including traditional and modern ones. Bright Pattern’s OmniQM also allows you to use sentiment analysis to rate a customer’s mood during an interaction, add new channels to your system with cloud-based capabilities, and avoid downtime with this platform’s Active-Active architecture. You can also gain insight into your contact center’s operations by utilizing KPIs and empower your agents with QA scorecards, lower handle times, and effective management.

Contact Center Mobile App For Pattern

Bright Pattern also offers its clients a mobile contact center so your agents can access their clients wherever they are located around the world. This will help you adapt your business to an increasingly remote workforce that can take on any client despite their location. With Bright Pattern’s mobile contact center, your agents will be able to interact with your customers through SMS, voice, chat, and messenger apps whether they’re an IT analyst, customer sales representative, supervisor, or field worker.

Also, your agents can bring subject matter experts, or SMEs, into the conversation with this innovative mobile application. They can connect with other employees within your organization to help your clients reach their desired results no matter which channel they’re communicating through. Your supervisors can also have access to other roles and capabilities within the mobile app to perform in real time. They’ll be able to access stats that include CSAT and key metrics and get real-time notifications. If they ever run into technical troubles, they can also connect with your IT department, which will have easy incident and task-management features as well as fast access to individual cases.

Other Powerful Integrations


Lastly, Bright Pattern offers some very powerful integrations that include big names in the technological world for an even more complete call center experience. These integrations include Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Teams, ServiceNow, Oracle, Salesforce, and Zendesk, among others. Bright Pattern provides clients with solutions for different industries including BPO, high-tech, health care, and insurance. They are also available for retail businesses, travel and hospitality, financial services, banking, and telecommunications. Clients in the government, utilities, and education industries can also benefit from Bright Pattern’s wide array of services and product solutions that can be tailored to their specific business needs. Bright Pattern also is fully compliant with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, TCPA, and SOC 2 and even has options for the visually impaired.

Don’t miss out on this chance to expand your business and take the leap toward success with Bright Pattern.

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