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What Part-Time CFO Services Can Do for Your Company?

Introduction to CFO and their Part-Time Services

  • The Chief Financial Officer or CFO is a senior executive who manages the financial actions of a company. Their duties include tracking the cash flow, financial planning, and analysis of a company’s financial strengths and/or weaknesses and proposal of reformatory actions. 
  • Their role is quite similar to a treasurer as they are responsible for managing finance and accounting divisions and ensuring that the company’s financial reports are accurately completed on time.
  • A part-time CFO is an important colleague during transition times. Whether it’s a start-up company in the initial stage, a private equity firm seeking an experienced person for portfolio management, or an established company seeking CFO services in the absence of a full-time CFO, the skills, knowledge, and experience of a part-time CFO can prove to be invaluable for company growth and to keep it thriving.

Benefits or Advantages of hiring the services of a Part-Time CFO for your company

  • Budget-friendly and Cost Efficient: Start-up companies, small companies, or companies requiring services for financial matters such as cash flow tracking, financial planning, etc., of an expert and experienced individual but not having enough funding to hire a full-time Chief Financial Officer (or CFO), can go for the services of a part-time CFO.

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  • A better option for inexperienced or new companies: Finding a qualified CFO is quite expensive and a lengthy process. It becomes quite an expensive and rigorously lengthy process, from the job listing to conducting phone screenings, arranging candidates from various regions for the interview, and offering satisfactory packages and salary and annual benefits. Inexperienced companies can become overwhelmed or confused about choosing the correct candidate for the position of CFO. Availing to the services of a part-time CFO is a better and more effective solution for such companies.
  • They come along with virtual CFO services: Availing the services of a part-time CFO comes along with the option of enjoying virtual services which assist a company in various ways, such as –
  • Providing value to the financial projections via income & financial statements.
  • Helping in the management of the cash flow and income projections.
  • Taking care of the cash flow tracking and budgeting in the company.
  • Taking charge of the creditor and debtor management.
  • Taking charge to set up an accounting system in the company.

Their services include –

  • Financial Advisory
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Cash Flow Forecasting and Cost Management
  • Providing Audit Support
  • Debt Planning and Budgeting
  • Managing Accounting Functions of the Company
  • Corporate Governance and Ensuring Compliance of the Applicable Acts
  • Year-End Accounts Closure and Filing
  • MIS Reporting and Internal Control
  • Managing Accounting Policies and Procedures 
  • Offering Immediate Services: When a company immediately needs an experienced individual to fill-in for the position of a CFO, whether it’s due to not being able to hire a full-time CFO or due to a sudden leave of the existing CFO, availing to the services of a part-time CFO proves to be quite an efficient and immediate solution. It saves the company time, which could be lost in the search for a full-time CFO while at the same time offering immediate, cost-effective services.
  • Offers Flexibility: Companies can choose to avail of the services of a part-time CFO to gain greater flexibility within the role. Unlike a full-time CFO handling all the financial operations and overseeing the business, a part-time CFO can be hired to perform various financial functions. Hiring for what you need exactly when you need it offers a flexible finance solution that many companies, especially small businesses, can appreciate.
  • They have higher experience than an average CFO: Unlike an in-house CFO, a part-time CFO provides their services to various companies of different scales. They handle different financial functions and business scenarios in different companies or organizations. As such, they gather more experience and knowledge about internal financial workings in an organization or company than an average full-time CFO. As a result, availing of their services is beneficial for inexperienced and small-scale businesses as they are an eminent and important individual involved in the growth of your business or company.

Hence, we can summarise that the services of a part-time CFO contribute greatly to your company’s growth and keep it thriving in these turbulent times.

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