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What NBA Betting Strategy Will Help You Win

NBA betting continues to gain popularity among bettors thanks to its extensive line of bets and a wide range of sports events. With the increase in the number of bets, there are more and more strategies that allow you to make successful bets and win both with low and solid odds. Often, novice bettors cannot figure out which NBA betting strategy will be the most profitable. Of course, the winnings largely depend on the betting platform – for example, at Parimatch NBA is always offered with good conditions – however, it is the presence of a strategy that allows you to systematize the winnings and increase their probability.

This article offers some NBA betting tips for betters. Each NBA betting strategy described has proven itself in practice, therefore it is guaranteed to bring good luck to betting participants.

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Who to bet on the NBA: overtime betting

The peculiarity of the game of basketball is that organizers rarely allocate extra time. However, according to statistics, overtime is present in every tenth game, and this is a reason to think about how to bet on NBA games for overtime. Based on the trend, the success of an overtime bet is about 10%, and taking into account the high odds for such an outcome (from 12 and higher), at a certain moment the strategy will bring a solid income.

Nevertheless, it is better not to use the strategy if betters do not devote enough time to analyzing statistics. Not all NBA teams tend to go into overtime, and some play in overtime just a few times per season. The main task of the bettor is to “find” opponents for whom overtimes are more common. After studying all the rules, even the most inexperienced user can place a bet.

Dogon Betting: NBA Betting Tips

The NBA bet on catch-up is widespread. Experts recommend using it in a bet on the victory of one of the teams in a quarter. At the same time, with each new quarter, as the NBA betting tips show, there is no need to change the nature of the rate: only its size should change. With each subsequent forecast, based on the odds, the bet amount should increase so that if you win, the profit will cover all previous expenses.

The most suitable match for betting on catch-up, where there is no clear favorite. Under these conditions, the odds for a team to win will be about 2.00. As soon as the bettor reaches the first success, the series of bets should end. Then the participant starts the betting cycle from the beginning if there are still 2-3 quarters of the game ahead.

Express bets

Multipliers are often singled out as the best NBA bets today. The strategy involves combining several events in one type of bet at the same time. The main advantage of such a rate is its final coefficient. However, do not combine too many bets in the express.

The best way how to bet on NBA games is to choose events with odds of 1.2 – 1.4. Separately, they are not very profitable, but together they give a good profit. The final bet is calculated by multiplying individual bets on events.

Novice bettors are encouraged to try all the proposed strategies to decide which one is more convenient. Parimatch is a good platform for several betting criteria. Among the key benefits of Parimatch:

  • Wide range of sports events for betting;
  • The ability to make bets single (single) and express;
  • Favorable odds for events;
  • Availability of bonus offers;
  • Convenient withdrawal of money.

Join the number of regular users of BC Parimatch and start making money on betting using proven winning strategies!

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