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What is the most popular way of entertainment nowadays, life is getting better and better, and there are fewer and fewer entertainment methods?

Don’t know LOMO? Then you are too outdated. The friends around me are basically “lemo” now. Lomo itself refers to a camera of the former Soviet Union in the 1950s. It is particularly sensitive to red, blue, and yellow, and the color is extremely bright.

Lomo now refers to an attitude when shooting, to capture at will, to shoot as much as you want. Don’t care about aperture or shutter, don’t need to pursue angle and composition. Even if the photo is overexposed or blurred, as long as it can attract the eye, it is a successful work. When blurring has become an artistic pursuit and overexposure has become a fashion, what traditional barriers cannot be broken? popular

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Let us enjoy the visual carnival brought by Lomo together in this gorgeous color…This is a new photography orientation, composition and focus are outdated, blur and randomness are the trends and classics. Fashion Lomo What is fashion? A new trend or fashion trend, when it is just budding, a relatively small number of people intervene, that is fashion.

If you look at this definition, Lomo is definitely the fashion of today’s young people. Anyone who has visited the Lomo exhibition and seen the Lomo wall will be shocked by everything in front of them. Rows of photos are cascaded together, like mosaics spread all over the wall. The colorful colors and the wanton images are completely different from ordinary photography exhibitions. Many photos seem a bit crazy and completely unconventional. popular

If they are judged according to the past criteria, they all violated the taboo of photography. For example, the characters are out of the frame, the contrast is too strong, the focus is inaccurate, etc., but if these appear at the same time and repeatedly, it seems to become a style. And this unconventional style has been enthusiastically pursued by a few avant-garde people and has aroused public interest. Bring “accidents” at will Where does the accident come from?

For example, if you double-click the shutter at the same scene, you may take two photos with completely different exposures. For another example, can you imagine that the smoke of a smoking man in the room will flash white light? Using computer software may be able to process digital photos and produce various special effects.

But the accidents that Lomo brings you, sometimes even the computer can’t handle it. We are living in the age of digitization. Unlimited copying loses surprises. 

We need the “holes and loopholes” that Lomo brings us. Of course, “accidents” belong only to those who know how to create. Some first-timers of Lomo often complain about not being able to take their ideal photos. It seems that the imaging effect is no different from that of a normal camera.

In fact, the meaning of Lomo may not be a photo, but a group. Although it does not matter whether it is good or bad, Lomo photos should be thoughtful. The photographer’s thoughts and personality are blended in the photos. Choosing automatic transmission is more in line with Lomo’s philosophy.

The “loopholes” of design Fashion sometimes comes from the word, the “old antiques” decades ago suddenly became fashionable, and so did Lomo. It is said that the first camera used for Lomo photography was the Lomo LC-A. It was produced in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was originally a spy camera. Its practical value is completely different from the current concept of entertainment and art. Lomo LC-A has a unique lens that can shoot vivid colors under a wide-angle lens; it also has an automatic light-sensing function that is generally only found popular

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