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What is the best thing about Windows Movie Maker?

Windows always have something suitable for beginners, and one of these is the movie maker. It is undoubtedly the best way to get introduced into movie-making preliminaries and is simple and easy to install.

It has been adjudged remarkably well for those who rely on quick and efficient ways to shoot movies and post them on Instagram or Tik Tok and the like and for those who want an independent film made.

Other rivals may have outsmarted it in the market with more features, yet the windows movie maker does an excellent job for a medium professional video shot.

Since Windows have discontinued it and the Movie Maker is not available for direct download from Microsoft officially, you may find some problems here. However, to avoid any issues like errors or malware, you can download the same right here at Topwin-Movie-Maker.Com authentically and for hassle-free installation.

Leisurely Way to Movie Production

It is not what all features are contained in the Movie Maker that bothers both the beginners and even experienced professionals, but the ease of handling the project.

The key features are always attractive, like freeware, good user interface, easy transitions, auto preview, audio features like voiceovers, and sharing capabilities.

Again, windows movie maker is designed to run on Windows desktops and laptops where it is pretty simple to download. It is also noteworthy that this movie maker doesn’t work for Mac.

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Since it was already introduced in the original bundle of Microsoft, you will find installation after downloading as easy as it can be. It also means that a single installer would open all the apps in the bundle, and users can easily browse them to choose which one to install and which to be discarded.

After you have installed the Movie Maker, you can start to edit right away. However, you must note that since it is not available for download directly from Microsoft, it is devoid of much support.

In other words, you get no updates, and therefore, you must rely on a very reliable and authentic source for your download.

The functionality of Movie Maker

The functions of Movie Maker are also relatively straightforward. With an exemplary user interface, you can take the help of EDITOR, where you get a stripped-down version of a video editor timeline.

You can start editing clips by dragging them to various places on the timeline. Each strip is tiny and not more prominent than the nail of your thumb, yet these are clear images. You will find the first frame is more precise than the later ones and so on.

While editing audio for your video clip, you get an option whereby you can view the audio waveform for each clip. In short, you can use this option to your advantage to identify the loudest and the quietest parts of the video.

It means the small size of the clips makes it easier for you to handle things, especially when working with details or editing larger projects.

Ther also helps you with zoom control at the bottom of the screen to make your editing work more manageable.

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