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What is a flapper dress? Know hidden facts about it

What is a flapper dress? Know hidden facts about it. You might have heard of roaring twenties as it is the generation of young western women. Despite their progressive ideas, flappers stirred up some criticism from the conservative side. These iconic flappers transformed fashion in a way that made their lifestyle the epitome of freedom.

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The all famous flapper dress consisted of attire articles like a loose dress with knee-length, revealing calves. Also, the fabric consisted of different features like satin, chiffon, net for shimmery getup.

flapper dress

The 1920’s is the decade when not only fashion transformed but also many movements took place. In particular, the jazz Age along with the roaring 20s influenced the American culture.

In this post, you will learn about flapper dress history and how to style a flapper dress.

Flapper dress history

Western modern fashion began to post World War l in the United States with flapper attire. It was the most iconic and progressive era that changed everything from culture to fashion.

Young women shunned old Victorian cultural codes and followed the fashion of loose, short dresses called the flapper.  This was the first-ever time women were seen wearing calves-revealing and sleeveless dresses. As flappers gained freedom from old cultural norms, they changed the style of their dressing.

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Many influences shaped the flapper culture from women gaining the right to vote to acquire vehicles. These events transformed the women’s silhouettes as they enjoyed the night outs at parties with freedom. They no longer stayed at home; rather they would dress up in evening flapper to enjoy their youth time at Jazz dance.

Another flapper trendy look was that of boyish or androgynous. Modern women cut their hair short in a bob cut, wore all-in-one lingerie and dresses, allowing them to dance more freely.

One of the famous 20s iconic fashion personalities to sport a new trendy look was Coco Chanel.

How do you style a flapper dress?

You can style a flapper dress for sporting a vintage look or the look of – Roaring twenties. Flapper attire consists of long dresses that are simple and loose. Its most popular style is Robe de style, with dropped waist, loose skirts extending to knee length and high necks.

Flapper costume

1920s’ flapper outfits were designed as day dresses and evening dresses. flapper dress was sleeveless low waist with beaded fringe trims. These beaded trims made dresses more appealing for ladies who shimmied to jazz music.

While day flapper dresses can be knee-length, revealing calves with lace designs. The day flapper outfit can be a full sleeve.

These dresses were easily worn and taken off because of their slip-over design.


Another piece of dressing for flapper consisted of stockings. These were made with light colors for a more natural look and sometimes black color too. These were made from expensive silk to style up the roaring 20s.

Accessories and Jewelry of flapper dress

Flapper outfit is incomplete without accessories as flapper women back then wore a string of pearls. Also, they would wear cloche hats to style up their iconic 20s silhouette.


Shoes complimented the overall flapper look as women were seen wearing stylish heel shoes. The most popular shoe of the time was The bar shoe with one button and strap to fasten around feet. Apart from that, women would wear fancy and stylish shoes and sandals to style up the flapper outfit.


Flapper dress was an iconic vintage trendy look that changed modern women’s fashion. Women can still sport this trendy decades-old dress for theme parties or events. For instance, you can customize it by some tailor or get a ready-made one.

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