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What Casino Games Give You the Best Odds

Casino gaming has become more popular than ever thanks to the rise of online casinos. What Casino Games Give You the Best Odds Over the past few years, improvements to technology and new regulations have meant that online casinos have been able to open up throughout the US. These sites offer a wide range of casino games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, and more. Players can create an account, make a deposit and start playing for real cash, provided they’re able to prove their age. What Casino Games Give You the Best Odds

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Online casino gaming is now legal across much of the US, and many states also allow land-based casinos to operate. Provided these casinos have a license, they’re safe and legal to play at. Casino games are tested for fairness, and although licensed casinos are always fair, some have better odds than others. If you’re looking to get the most out of playing and avoid losing too much money, you should ideally look for games with the best odds. 

How Are Casino Game Odds Calculated?

Casino games are always designed to favor the casino, an advantage that’s known as the house edge. Despite this, it’s still possible to win money, although you do have to be a little lucky. Games can be judged on their odds and payout using mathematics, as it’s always possible to calculate the chance of a certain card or number appearing. 

When you play online, casino games use a random number generator to determine the outcome. This is a piece of software that’s programmed to choose a random value out of the options available, the same way that drawing a card out of a shuffled deck would. This process is tested before the casino is licensed to ensure that the games offered are fair and always random. 

Casino Games with the Best Odds

Real money online casinos should always display the odds of the games they offer, but here’s a list of the best paying games:


Blackjack is the table casino game with the best payout rate, offering up to 99.6% in many cases. While the return rate is good, players do need to use the right strategy to achieve this. Paying without knowing the rules or not having the skill will lead to less success. Therefore, if you want to have the best chance of success at the blackjack table, you’ll need to learn basic blackjack strategy. 

Video Poker

Video poker is another skill-based game where your actions have a big impact on the quality of your hand and your chances of success. There are lots of different versions of video poker, but most offer a return to player rate of around 98%. Payouts depend on the game and the hand you achieve, with higher-valued hands offering much bigger rewards. 


Roulette is a game that’s pure chance, with the success of your bet determined by the spin of the wheel. While you don’t have any effect on the outcome of the spin, you do have a choice between several betting options. This lets you choose between high risk and high reward bets or to play it safe. American roulette has a payout rate of 94.7%, but the French version has a rate of 98.65% when betting on the outside bets. 

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