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What are the tips to follow to stay safe from Coronavirus?

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A virus is spreading over the world since last year December. It starts spreading from Wuhan, and now it is causing disease in every corner of the world. Scientists name this virus Coronavirus. It is spreading very fast that scientists can’t even invent its vaccine yet. It almost creates a pandemic situation in the world. In the past, Coronavirus has already spread such pandemic situations like SARC. Now Coronavirus is causing a disease COVID-19. There are many consequences of this disease. In some severe cases, it may cause death. There is no medicine available to cure it. You have to save yourself on your own. According to the Coronavirus stats US number of victims of a virus is increasing.

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Coronavirus may cause many diseases in a person. It can badly affect your lungs, heart, stomach, and respiratory system. Most of the people show respiratory infections and fever. Its initial symptoms include flu, cough, and fever. Sometimes, it can be a headache. Coronavirus states US status is deadly in the world. You can also examine yourself if you observe these symptoms in you by doing different things. There is complete guidance available on the website of WHO. It is a world health organization that is helping people to stay calm in this situation. You can follow their guidelines to examine yourself. It is not safe going out and consulting a doctor.

To understand what tips you have to follow to stay safe from Coronavirus first, you have to understand its modes of spread. This will help you out in saving yourself from Coronavirus. Following are some modes of transmission of Coronavirus.

Human to human transmission:(Transmission of coronavirus)

The primary cause of Coronavirus transmission is human to humans. It can quickly move by humans than any other type. Coronavirus can pass from human to human in several ways. One of the primary causes is touch since you can pass the virus to you through direct contact with a Coronavirus or other body parts. Coronavirus stats US is at a dangerous level. So, follow precautionary measures.

An individual who is carrying Coronavirus may transmit the virus to you. This transfer of the virus is very simple. If he sneezes and coughs in public, the virus can transfer to other humans through his saliva particles. There are many other ways, like touching and passing by. You need to be very careful in public places. First of all, never leave your home without any emergency. If your job demands your physical appearance, follow the precautionary measures.

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Never go to any crowdie place without wearing a mask. Always try to keep your sanitizer with you. So, sanitize your hands if you shake your hands with someone. Try maintaining your distance from others. Almost 2 meters distance is enough to keep you safe from another person. Never touch the handles of doors or stairs and other surfaces. Following these tips will lower down the Coronavirus stats us.

Transmission through surfaces:(Transmission of coronavirus)

There are some cases of Coronavirus in which the mode of transmission of corona takes place through surfaces to humans. In this type of transmission, you can carry a virus by physical contact with a surface. If a person who is carrying the virus touches any surface at a public place virus may transfer to that surface. So, if you are in a public place, never try to touch any surfaces. If you have to touch that surface, then first sanitize it. The sanitizer has the ability to remove any kind of virus from your hands or any other surface. Coronavirus stats US is reaching a critical level.

Try to avoid touching different surfaces that may contain a virus. These surfaces include staircases, lift doors, handles of any door, and railings. Avoid touching these surfaces as much as you can. This will help you in saving yourself from the virus.

Food to human transmission:

There is no evidence still available of any transfer of virus through food to human. But there are many ways where food may be a source of transmission indirectly. There are some cases that are available in the records where they carry the virus from home food delivery service. Coronavirus stats US is showing an alarming situation of the virus. Another way of transmission of Coronavirus is through the packing of the food items. So, whenever you order food from any restaurant before receiving the parcel, sanitize it properly. This is a very important step for the safety of the virus.

If you are going for some grocery, always wear gloves. Never touch your face, especially your mouth, nose, and eyes. These are critical parts of the body from where the virus can enter your body.

Animals to human transmission:

In some cases of Coronavirus, the virus transmits to the person through animals or pets. Animals are also an indirect source of virus transmission. They are just carriers. Viruses cant cause disease in them. Some wild animals may cause the transmission of disease. Because they come in contact with different people. So, never touch any wild animals or someone’s pet. If you accidentally touch these animals, then immediately wash your hands or sanitize them. This will clean your hands if the virus is present at your hand’s surface. If you want to lower down Coronavirus stats, US, then follow all precautions. Never touch your own pets when you come back to your home from out. First, wash your hands and make sure you are not carrying any virus. Then play with your pet to keep you and your family safe. 

Faeces to human transmission:

Faeces can also be the source of transmission of Coronavirus. For a person who is carrying Coronavirus in his body, the virus will also present in his feces. That is why scientist suggests you to never come in touch with any human who is carrying Coronavirus. There are many cases in the record in which hospital workers who clean washrooms are more likely to carry viruses from there. Your small contribution in lowering down the Coronavirus stats US makes a big difference. So, follow all the above tips to keep yourself safe from viruses. 

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