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What are the safety measures to follow during Covid 19?

Coronavirus or COVID 19. It mainly causes respiratory diseases in humans. It also has many effects on the human body. In some severe cases, the death of the patients occurs. As this disease spreads through humans to humans, so it is spreading very quickly. Stats on Coronavirus in US are showing an alarming situation.

There were many pandemic situations in the past. This includes pestilence, SARC, smallpox, many others. Recently in December 2019, a virus starts causing disease in many people. The number of patients keeps increasing very quickly. After many types of research, scientists name this virus

Scientists are working to make its vaccine. There is no success still they get in this process. It is a type of virus that causes many health issues. Some of the typical impacts of Covid are respiratory issues, heart problems, and lung problems. The first identification of the presence of Coronavirus in your body is fever, flu, and cough. As we all know that there is no medicine or vaccine is available to cure Covid 19 patients. Contribute to lowering down the stats on Covid in US. So, we have to keep ourselves safe from this virus. The only thing that is helpful in this situation is following the precautionary measures. 

Following are some safety measures to follow during Coronavirus. By following these safety measures, you can stop the increasing stats on Coronavirus in US.

Wear a face mask at a public place:( 1st safety tip for Covid 19)

During their research at Coronavirus, scientists observe that it spreads through the saliva or breathing air of the infected person to others. Whenever a patient coughs or sneeze in a public place, his saliva particle may suspend in the air. Later on, these particles can enter another person’s body by inhaling. This virus may enter your lungs through inhaling. Then it starts damaging your lungs. Stats on Covid 19 in US is already crossing all limits.

So, the specialist recommends that you wear a mask in a public place. This will keeps Coronavirus out of your mouth and nose. Mask also prevents you from spreading the virus if you are a patient of Coronavirus. There are many kinds of masks available. Try to choose surgical masks. These masks are most useful in preventing viruses than ordinary acts.

Try to maintain social distancing:(2nd safety tip for covid 19)

Another way to keep you safe in this situation is by keeping two meters of distance from other peoples. This will prevent you from carrying the virus from another person. As scientists state, that virus can’t travel through the air, so long. So, keeping a distance is very helpful in saving you from the virus.

Coronavirus can only travel from objects to objects. Just like objects, humans can also carry them from another person who is the patient of Coronavirus. For this purpose government of the countries announces the lockdown. This makes sure there is no public gathering happens. You also have to avoid going to gatherings or any function. Even it’s private. Because there are more chances that you may carry the virus, now it’s in our hands to stop the virus from spreading more. This is also helpful in stopping the stats on Coronavirus in US that is increasing very quickly.

Wash and sanitize your hands repeatedly:(3rd safety tip for covid 19)

One of the basic sources of the transmission of Coronavirus in our hands. Because we touch different surfaces and shake hands with different peoples. So, hands can carry viruses more likely than other body parts. We can’t stop our hands from touching anything because we almost do everything with our hands. It is tough to save our hands from carrying the Coronavirus.

What are the tips to follow to stay safe from Coronavirus?

Washing your hands after touching any substance containing a virus will remove the virus from your hands. The texture of the soap is slippery so that the virus will slip out from your hand. The sanitizer has the ability to remove any kind of virus from the hand. So, using soap and sanitizer will keep your hands safe. WHO also suggests peoples wash hands properly for almost about 20 seconds to remove the virus. In many cases of Coronavirus, the reasons are the handshake with the patient of the virus. So, if you wash hands, you can also help stop the stats on Coronavirus in US from increasing further.

Disinfect the surfaces of your house:

Whenever you came home after taking a bath, clean all surfaces with a cleanser that your touch. This will make your house clean from the virus. Once a virus enters your home, it can infect your whole family. If you want to save your family from the virus, then cleans the surfaces properly.

There are many disinfectors available out there to clean the surfaces. To disinfect surfaces, first, wash your hands and use a clean cloth or mopping cloth to clean. It is also a helpful method that lowers the stats on Coronavirus in US.

Avoid touching your face in a public place:

Viruses can enter your body through your nose, mouth, and eyes. These are the most critical parts of the body that are most usually touched by a person. Whenever you touch someone or any object virus, you may carry a virus. If you touch your eyes and nose with these hands, a virus can enter your body. So in a public place, wear a mask and never touch your face. Always sanitize your hands, then touch your face. But try to avoid touching your face when you are not at your home.

Avoid visiting hospitals and clinics of doctors:

As we know, that virus transfers from the patients of the Coronavirus so they may visit hospitals and clinics. Suppose you have any medical problem, never go to a hospital until it’s an emergency. Try to consult your problem with a phone call before visiting the hospital. Hospitals are more likely to contain viruses than any other place because many patients visit hospitals daily. Some of them may have Coronavirus.


Coronavirus is spreading very efficiently that it is challenging to stay safe from it. There are many safety measures by following you can save yourself from Coronavirus. If you want to save the community, then strictly follow these precautions.

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