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What are the rules of the game Canasta

As for the course of the game, each basket match is composed of several games, until one of the two participating teams manages to accumulate 5,000 points necessary for victory. What are the rules of the game Canasta Thus, when it comes to the game, each player has the right to draw P Card from the big stack, that is, the last one above, or from the bead, that is, from the stack of cards face up. Then, depending on what cards he has in his hand, he must display a formation or stick as many cards as he wants and is obviously allowed to a formation previously displayed also by him or, attention, What are the rules of the game Canasta by his playing partner. Then, at the end, it is required by the Canasta rule set to put a card down over the ones face up.

Very careful! The moment when, if it is your turn, you decide to draw a card from the stack, that is, from those facing up, What are the rules of the game Canasta you are obliged to take the other cards at that moment in the pile. I mean the whole pile, not just the book you want. Every player has the right to draw a card from the score, not just you. Obviously, only when you or your teammate (or the other team) have previously displayed with at least one formation that has the total value imposed by the Canasta rule set. Of course, provided that the talon pile is open, and you have two cards of the same rank as the last card discarded by the opponent in your hand. That’s right! It’s just like the Remi game.

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Moreover, we mean by a correct formation the one that contains at least two cards of a certain rank and a maximum of 3 special cards. As expected, other cards of the same rank can be added to a correct and displayed formation. According to the Canasta ruleset, cards have different values and functions that you must necessarily know and without which you will not know how to play canasta. Thus, during the game, each team will score points by the sum of the values of the cards displayed, by the sum of the values of the formations displayed – they are called canasta, by the value of various prizes, on minus by the value of the cards left in the hand at the end of the game and by the value of each

Rule’s canasta books-to remember! I was talking at the beginning of the article about the fact that in the basket game you can still receive certain prizes. Well, according to the ruleset, the prizes offered depending on what you did until the end of the game are as follows. As in the Remi game, the positive amount of each game ending is obviously subtracted from the values of the cards with which each player involved in the game remained in the hand after closing. Moreover, for each Red 3 card that a team has that at the end of the game has not displayed anything, 100 points are deducted.

If you have so far remembered everything we have said, that is, the whole set of rules canasta and how Canasta is played, it is time to move on to the next step, namely: to explain how to flaunt this game. Well, I’ve probably said before, the minimum deck that can be dealt is three cards of the same rank, natural or mixed. When mixed, you already know that the lineup must consist of at least two natural cards and at most three universal ones. So, the first displays will most likely be simple. Next, all the bands you have displayed will remain on the game table until the end of the game, except for the baskets that tighten and put aside. Be careful, however, that the way you play canastas will not display two formations with the same rank at once, nor can you stick cards on the displays of each other apart from your teammate. And what’s more, you can’t flaunt threesomes, just in case you finish the game with this flaunt.

If you like the game of remi, you probably know that to show off you must have at least one formation and a suite that total 45 points. Well, this situation is slightly different, namely that the first display is conditioned by the minimum value of the cards, a ceiling that increases with the overall score of the team at the end of the previous game. Here are the limits we are talking about.


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