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What are the requirements to hold an HGV license?

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So, you want to be a lorry, bus or a coach driver. For this purpose, you need to pass the test for HGV license. For applying HGV license, you must fulfil the requirements. It is important for you to get qualified for this exam. The majority of the people do not know what are the requirements of the test. Learn more about these requirements and formalities in the below lines.

What are the requirements of the HGV license?

  1. You must be above 18-years old
  2. You must have a car license. 
  3. Get a professional driving qualification called CPC. 
  4. Health exam test

Yes, you need to clear the health exam test since the government wants you to be fit and healthy for driving a truck, bus, coach and other heavy vehicles.

Details about medical test

The doctors who are taking your HGV medical exam will focus on certain factors. You must be in good health and you must not have any problem. If you have some serious health conditions, then you will be disqualified. Some details about your health conditions are here.

  • Eyesight 

You must have good eyesight. A driver must be able to see with or without corrective lenses. A person who has complete loss of sight with one eye, then he will be eligible to drive professionally after passing the eye test. Doctors check your complete vision. If it is correct, then you are eligible to get the license. 

  • Neurological issues

If a candidate has a neurological problem, then he will not be eligible for this job. Some chronic disorders like chronic neurological condition, prior brain surgery, stroke, cataplexy, narcolepsy, seizures, epilepsy and others. 

  • Mental Health

Drivers must be in good mental health. They will discuss about different types of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, cognitive impairment, dementia, some psychiatric issues, and stress. 

  • Drugs and alcohol

It is illegal to operate an HGV with alcohol or drugs in the system. A candidate is not eligible for this license, if he is taking drugs or found in addiction.

  • Diabetes

There may be concerns with driver who want regular insulin to manage their blood sugar. Candidate will not be suitable for this license. 

  1. Heart conditions

It leads to serious issues any time. If a person is under poor heart health, peripheral arterial disease, murmurs or others, then he cannot apply for the license. 

  1. Sleep Disorder

Lack of sleep is one of the reasons of serious accidents among drivers. This medical test includes looking for the symptoms and signs of sleep disorder. 

A driver of heavy vehicle must be careful and responsible otherwise the results are highly severe. Therefore, government always issues the license after clearing the strict tests. If a driver finds in any of the illegal activities, drug addiction or wrong driving, then his license will be cancelled since it can be harmful for all the people on the road and in the vehicle. 

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