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What are the most beautiful cities in the world to visit

Criteria very arbitrary to determine which cities are stunning and what is not. Which cities are most beautiful cities in the world? To avoid lawsuits, most tourists, in relation to their knowledge, take into consideration other factors including the size of the town, its architectural design, grassy spaces, the history and culture, the cultural-artistic set but also if they’ve had a rich gastronomic experience from their own.

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For us, these will be the most stunning cities in the world according to those parameters.

1.   Kyoto, Japan

In Kyoto, space appears to have stopped. This prehistoric capital of Japan blends the allure of a classic city with even more modern cities, whereby the residents still wear kimonos. It is among the few Japanese cities not destroyed throughout World War II, so its history and architecture stay maintaining flexibility.

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Situated on the island of Hokkaido, Kyoto is known to be Japan’s ethnic and movie center. His university has been one of the most significant in Japan, and it’s not deficient in the environment.

2.   Dubrovnik, Croatia

It’s one of the cities that struggled the most for the Balkan War, causing this to be badly hit. Given the injuries, this European city also managed to restore the elegant elegance that characterizes it. Deemed as “The Pearl of the Adriatic,” under a fence lies this ancient town that stands out by its value in the arts and humanities. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Within it, we find an ocher-colored city with a fast phase that blends art with custom. Knights, sailors, looters, rulers or traders once trod down its streets. Several of the ancient artisans’ houses are being turned into galleries, studios or smaller stores today. For shows including such Game of Thrones, that has used this as a scene during its various seasons, the elegance of this town has served as the basis. And even without messing with the movies, that’s one of the world’s most famous cities.

3.   St. Petersburg, Russia

Thanks to canals and further than 300 bridges, Russia is subject to the Venice of the North, which pampers the palaces confiscated from the Tsars’ Empire. St. Petersburg architectural design makes this one of the most stunning cities ever. Yet there’s a lot something to it. This former Russian capital, for whom the roads and squares were host to some of the bloodiest pages in its past, is an open-air museum covered by snow in the colder months. The bright colors of its churches, houses and villas shine under their own.

4.   Prague, Czech Republic

This storybook place is among Europe’s many great areas, not only because of its design, but also because of its particular sensitivity to art. Moreover, It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has created outstanding artists, authors and artists who are responsible for providing the town the bohemian brush characterizes it. This has been contrasted with Paris on several times in this respect.

most beautiful cities in the world

5.   Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is probably among the most diverse cities in Africa, and an important stop on your journey to South Africa. As well as its European heritage is better blended with its African personality. The eruption of color of its scenic houses is its principal attraction. Like its environment, made up of nature that is almost pure. We can buy huge mountains and plentiful vegetation, and beach resorts with Gentoo penguins (Simon’s Town) or Hout Bay with clear blue waters as well. A few of the best wineries in the world can also be found very near to the area.

6.   Bergen, Norway

This is one of Norway’s best visited cities and among the most diverse city in the world, of necessity. Its older section, Bryggen, once held by the Hanseatic League, is the postage stamp that we bring from the town of the vibrant houses. It is situated between rolling hills, some of which are considered to be the location when their famous trolls live. This is also the key to the fjords of Norway. So it’s not shocking that contemplating this beauty of nature is one of the key stops.

A few of the finest works of his most esteemed artist, Edvard Munch, are displayed throughout the KODE Museum. We’ll find it easier at the city, where the numerous market stalls sell a few of the nation’s gourmet delights. Its cornerstones are trout and dry cod.

7.   Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul seems to be an illustration of the peace and harmony between ancient civilizations and Modern modernity, midway between Asia and Europe. First, it was renamed Byzantium, then, finally, Constantinople.

In the newest part of town, its past is still pounding. That some of the most important buildings can be found there, including the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace or even the Grand Bazaar, which can take us backwards in history. Turkey is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

But at the other end of the Bosphorus, where society and existence have become much more westernized, the much more cosmopolitan region is situated. While sacrificing its Turkish nature, Istanbul has exposed everything to the planet. It’s really the only town in which we can switch worlds just by crossing the bridge.

8.   San Francisco, United States

Among the most beautiful towns in the United States is called the town of the mountains. It is among the favorite spots for travelers because of its big garden areas, the grounds in which you can detach from the large city, or the islands that ring its coast. One of USA’s most recognizable symbols is The Golden Gate. Álamo Square, in which the famous Painted Ladies can be found. most beautiful cities in the world

9.   Venice, Italy

The channel town consists of even more than 100 tiny islands, which are joined around each other by more of some 400 bridges. The key charm lies with the fact that it is indeed a pedestrian area, as the only travel permitted is that of boats crossing its canals. That’s why Venice holds the designation of Europe’s most sensual and special city. Lots of performers have made their impact on it. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There is currently a Venetian School of art and representations of that can be found in several museums around the world.

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