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What Are the Highest Mountains in the World That Exist Today?

If you’re interested in climbing Mt. Everest, then you could have to pay up to $74,200 due to costs with planning and scheduling tours. What Are the Highest Mountains in the World That Exist Today?

While Mt. Everest is one of the highest mountains, What Are the Highest Mountains in the World That Exist Today? there are plenty of other options you can climb that won’t cost you as much. These mountains are located all over the world, and have tons of benefits to climbing them, which we’ll discuss in this article. What Are the Highest Mountains in the World That Exist Today?

Are you interested in what the best mountain for climbing is? Keep reading to gather all the information you need before going hiking.

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Mount Everest

Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, and it’s located in the Himalayas in Nepal or Tibet. It’s 8,848 meters high. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first people to climb this mountain, and they did it in 1953.

Ever since then, many people have been trying to climb Mt. Everest, and it’s becoming very crowded. 


If you want a mountain that isn’t as crowded, you can climb K2. This is sometimes referred to as Mount Godwin Austen, named after the first surveyor and climber. 

This is the second tallest mountain, and it towers 8,611 feet above sea level.

K2 is in the Karakoram Mountain range that is between Pakistan and China. The locals also call this mountain Daspang and Chogori.

It’s a very dangerous mountain to climb, and there are often severe storms that surround it, making it unclimbable. If you climb this mountain, make sure that you have a professional guide with you to help you.

Mt. Kangchenjunga

Mt, Kangchenjunga comes in as the third highest mountain in the world. It’s 8,586 meters above sea level.

This mountain is also along the Nepal and Indian border. For India, this is their highest peak. This mountain was first climbed in 1955 by Joe Brown and George Band. 

The name of this mountain means “Five Treasures of Snows” because it has five peaks. Each of these peaks represents something from god, like holy books, grains, silver, gems, and gold.


Lhotse is another tall mountain in Nepal and Tibet, and it’s around 8,516 meters tall. 

This is a mountain that’s very close to Mount Everest. In fact, to get up Lhotse, you could take the same route from the Everest Base Camp. When you get to Camp 3, then you’ll start heading towards the Lhotse peak.

As you climb up this mountain, you’ll see beautiful scenery, glacier ice lakes, and remote trails that have rarely been climbed on.

If you want to climb a tall mountain without a lot of the danger and crowding of Mt. Everest, this is a great option. Climbers first climbed this mountain in 1956, but the first expedition was done in 2011 by Russia.

Mt. Makalu

Mt. Makalu is the fifth tallest mountain in the world at 8,485 meters. 

You can find this mountain in the Himalayas in Northeast Nepal and South Central China. This mountain is actually at the east of Everest. 

Makalu is isolated, but you’ll be able to recognize the mountain because it looks like a four-sided pyramid. 

This mountain has very steep ridges, and because of that, it’s one of the hardest mountains to climb. 

Below the mountain, there is a valley, and that valley is in the Makalu National Park. Even if you don’t climb the mountain, the valley is just as beautiful with great waterfalls, forests, and snowy ice caps surrounding it above.

Mt Cho Oyu

Mt. Cho Oyu is the sixth highest mountain in the world, and it’s also on the China and Nepal border. It is 8,188 meters tall.

In Tibetan, the name of this mountain means “Turquoise Goddess.” This is in the westernmost area of the Khumbu section of the Himalayas. 

Joseph Joechler, Herbert Tichy, and Pasang Dawa Lama climbed this mountain first in 1954. Since then, this mountain has been known to be a really easy climbing mountain because there aren’t many dangers on this mountain.


The seventh tallest mountain in the world is Dhaulagiri, and it’s 8,167 meters tall. It’s also in the Himalayas, although it is one of the only mountains that is entirely in Nepal.

One special thing about this mountain is that this mountain is folded. That means that the earth made this when two tectonic plates collided and then pushed against each other. 

This is very difficult to climb, and many people have tried but were unsuccessful. Like some of the other mountains, this one has had many casualties as well.

Mt Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa. It’s also a stratovolcano, climbing up to 5,895 meters. 

This is also the tallest free-standing mountain that can be found on any continent. This mountain is also located right near the equator, so there are all kinds of different weather patterns there. 

It’s on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. While the base of the mountain might be warmer, the peak of the mountain always has snow on it. 

If you’re going to be hiking the mountain, then it takes a week to get to the top of the mountain. You might want to consider taking the Rongai route, which is the easiest one.

However, if you take the Machame route, you might have a better view of the East African terrain. 

Discover More of the Highest Mountains in the World

These are only a few of the highest mountains in the world, but there are many other options that you could try to climb as well. We know that planning a big trip like this can be stressful, but doing your research before going hiking can make the trek less stressful.

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