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What are the Five Best Countries to Visit?

Traveling is always considered the best therapy for the mind and body. Currently, everyone is suffering from mental stress due to workload or other problems. Planning a trip could be a little escape from our busy routine. Traveling takes you out from your comfort zone, which will be a great benefit for you. You might be thinking, what are the best countries to visit? Discovering new places enhances your creativity level, and you started feeling fresh and new.

During traveling, you will meet people belongs from different cultures, religions, and countries. This allows you to observe them and study them by yourself. Learn from their lives, which will help you in solving your problems and daily life challenges. You make memories for your life, which will never get faded away from your mind and heart. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses while facing new challenges. According to research, when we start our journey, the sense of happiness automatically started increasing. Stress level decreases when you experience positive energy while traveling.

Choosing the right place to travel is the most difficult task. Having a planned trip is always better than an unplanned tour. Before starting any trip, the first thing you must have to do is research the place you are visiting. Please make a list of its famous places and tourist attractions, which will help you a lot during your travel and save your time.

Here I am going to suggest you five best countries to visit and also tell you their specialties.

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France is also known as “I’hexagone” because it has six sides. These all six sides of France have their own beauty and unique attraction. Suppose you are traveling the first time to France, Paris, and Versailles must-visit cities. It will take you months to discover the beauty of France because it has a lot of places to visit.

France is also considered as one of the best countries to visit. Paris is France’s capital, which is also known as the city of love, light, and fragrances. If you want to visit a historical place, then the Castle of Rocamadour will be the best place to visit. Explore its religious places and walk through its narrow cobblestone streets. France Alps have breathtakingly beautiful natural scenes with lakes, waterfalls, valleys, and the forests.


Turkey is one of the best countries to visit that are famous for their historical background and ancient art. When you enter Turkey, you will feel like you are in a fairytale, where you are wondering around the castles and ancient places. Cappadocia is the dream place to visit whenever you are traveling in turkey.

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You must try a hot air balloon during your visit to see the beautiful natural sculptures made due to ancient volcanic eruptions. Istanbul is another most beautiful historical city of turkey to visit, divided into two parts, old and new. The old city is famous for its ancient buildings, which include mosques, tombs, and museums. If you want to visit the beach, Antalya would be the best place to find beautiful mountains, beaches, resorts, and hotels.


If you are traveling from March to May, you must have to explore Morocco’s real beauty between these days. Morocco is one of the best countries to visit where you meet warm, welcoming, and hospitable people. A tour to Morocco will be worth traveling for your money and time. It is also famous for its street foods with a blend of different ancient cultures.

5 Best countries

Meknes, the oldest city of Morocco, is also an Islamic attraction because, in 9th-century, it was considered Mecca. Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, Bab Mansour, and Dar Jamai Museu is famous tourist attractions of Meknes. In Morocco, you can visit all kinds of places like deserts, hilly areas, and beaches. Chefchaouen (Painted Ambiance) is a small town in a vast landscape, which is also known as a blue town.

New Zealand:

New Zealand is a country of adventures located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It is a country where you can find heart-melting sceneries, mountains, lush green landscapes, lakes, and the island nation. For people who love adventures, find New Zealand one of the best countries to visit. If you want to explore the wild side of nature, then Stewart Island will be your destination to discover forests. Want to visit the natural hot springs then travel to Rotorua.

Another spot surrounded by mountains in Queenstown, where your adventure begins. There you can experience Bungee jumping, skydiving, caving, mountaineering, paragliding, mountain biking, and zip-lining. Fiordland is a dream spot to visit for nature lovers because of its breathtaking scenes. During your visit there you will have a chance to see dolphins and penguins.


Italy is known as the most popular country to visit in the world. This country is full of the history of Roman ruins. Italy is a country that is full of history, unique food, art, music, architecture, and charming villages, which makes it one of the best countries to visit.

City whose streets are made of water a beautiful city Venice, no one could resist them to love this city. Another city filled with art and architectural treasure where you can visit ancient buildings and sculptures. This city is also famous because of writers, scientists, artists, and the inventors who belong here. How can we forget about the capital of Italy? Rome, the city that was the capital of the Roman Empire in the past. It would take you months to explore the beauty of Rome.

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According to psychology, people who travel more are found happiest other than those who never travel. Traveling is a sort of break from the daily routine, which helps you in refreshing your mind. Traveling also reduces the stress of mind and body.

Research about the place where you are planning to travel will help you a lot during your visit. In this article, the five best countries to visit are mentioned. Every country has its own specific attraction for travelers. These countries suit travelers who love history, art, food, architecture, adventure, beach, and deserts.


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