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What are the different types of RFPs?

We will consider what types of search queries are, how they differ. Also you will learn how to write RFP.

Targeted are words and phrases that can drive traffic from search engines. For online stores, this may be of commercial interest.

Inappropriate – words and phrases that are not appropriate for the development of the site. These can be commercial inquiries. If you do not sell services and goods through the site, then you will not be able to promote the resource for such requests.

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What are the criteria for determining the appropriateness By Types

It should be understood that the expediency of a search query for a specific resource depends on the stage of filtering the semantic core. Filtering criteria may vary.

Frequency. Quite often, queries with zero or close to its monthly frequency, phrases with unnatural indicators are defined as inappropriate.

Commercial value. Requests with a commercial request are non-targeted for non-commercial projects, as well as targeted for commercial ones.

Purposefulness. Sometimes the appropriateness of a phrase in the semantic core depends on the nature of the intent.

Correctness of word forms. Sometimes, misspelled queries can be inappropriate because search engines are able to differentiate between them.

Geo-dependence. The value affects the identification of commercial phrases. The presence of place names allows you to identify phrases that are not suitable for the region.

Frequency (popularity)

Expressed in how many times it is used by users. Search rate is the number of times a search engine has been used over a given period of time. This metric allows you to predict traffic from search engines.


Frequency types based on term

Frequency is of different types, by week, month, quarter and year.

For the analysis of many queries, attention is paid to the monthly indicator. To analyze seasonal metrics, you can use quarterly and yearly metrics.

Depending on the popularity, queries are of the following types:

  1. Trebles are the most popular. This category includes phrases with a frequency range from 100 to 1000. The number of high-frequency queries will be the smallest in the semantic core, they are usually the shortest.
  2. Medium-frequency. They are longer, accurate in relation to high-frequency ones. The frequency limit can be from 10 to 100.
  3. Low frequency. These are quite long queries, the frequency threshold is no more than 10 queries per month.
  4. Micron-low frequency. It is better to use them only in a large core, the frequency threshold is also no more than 10 per month.
  5. “Pacifiers”. They do not have a monthly frequency, are usually removed from the core by cleaning, but are sometimes valuable.
  6. Twisted. They have an unnatural popularity, it increases artificially. The base and phrase frequencies are about the same.

How is frequency determined?

Popularity indicators on Google and Yandex may differ.

Frequency in Yandex

To determine the frequency, you can use the Wordstat and Yandex.Direct services. These services provide several types of frequency:

  • basic, without using operators – total frequency, including words from the query;
  • phrasal using operators, word forms are not taken into account;
  • exact with the use of operators – the specified word forms are taken into account.

Sometimes the base frequency is essential, but the phrasal and, accordingly, the exact frequency is not of value. The request can have extended versions, including additional words with a certain total frequency.

Frequency on Google

You can use the Keyword Planner tool in Google Ads to find out what the search frequency is. Parsing a service can be tricky, but possible.


This term means how difficult it is to promote by request at the top. The more competitive a phrase is, the more difficult it is to use it for promotion.

What are the types of queries regarding concurrency

There are highly competitive ones, they are used to promote many sites, so the search results are already saturated, it will be difficult to advance.

Medium-sized competitors will make it easier to get to the top.

Low-competition should be used for the pages of the site in priority, they will provide a good increase in traffic without large investments.

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