Here we’ll discuss what are the types of packaging methods? According to statistics from Technavio, the size of the global packaging industry will increase by approximately 170.61 billion between 2021-2025. This tremendous growth is expected due to the high demand by the transport and shipment sector, healthcare services, personal care, household care, and food and beverage industry for convenient and durable packaging.

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As a business owner, one easy way to influence the buying decision of potential customers is to use unique, exquisite and quality packaging for your product. Everyone loves packaging that does not take too much time and effort to open and carry. 

Customers prefer packaging that is convenient to use and at the same time, one that does not tear easily. You can get all these features in packages gotten from the Art of Packaging- Leading packaging manufacturer in the UK.

Features good packaging should possess

  • Good packaging must be convenient to use. It must be easy to carry from one location to another. 
  • Another feature of good packaging is in its attractiveness. It should be able to stimulate the interest of people towards getting a product. 
  • It should not be expensive to purchase. When a package is overly expensive, it increases the price of the product which makes it difficult for it to reach a wider range of customers.
  • It should be able to protect products from different risks that may occur during its transportation or even storage. The quality of a product should not be prone to damage because of its packaging.
  • A good packaging should be informative. It is a brand’s identity. It should contain necessary information about a product. 
  • It should be creative and unique. The materials used for its production should be of high quality. It’s design should also be simple yet creative. You can get your unique and creative packages from Art of Packaging- Leading packaging manufacturer in the UK.

What are the different types of packaging methods?

  1. Anti-corrosive packaging: this type protects products against a high-risk environment. They are made from VCI bubble film, extra layers of bags, oil, chips, paper, etc. They are meant to protect products against corrosion through the use of anti-corrosive materials. It is used for export of goods over long distances and long term storage of metal goods that are sensitive to corrosion.
  2. Pharma packaging: it is used for pharmaceutical operations. It is also referred to as drug packaging. This type provides containment, convenience, and safe delivery of pharmaceutical products.
  3. Plastics packaging: it is used for packaging non-perishable products. Most plastic packaging can be easily recyclable for reuse. It is durable, sustainable, versatile and cost-effective.
  4. Flexible packaging:  this is the most wanted choice for food packaging. It is made with flexible materials that when sealed and packed, the freshness of it’s content is still maintained. When stored in the right condition, the package can last long. This type is environmentally friendly.

Art of Packaging- leading packaging manufacturer in the UK supplies the various forms of packaging available. You can contact us for your quality, convenient and durable packaging.

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