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What are the best all wheel drive cars?

There was a time when only huge vehicles like trucks or trailers were considered as most sustainable and friction-free. With time cars are modifying according to the requirements. Now car companies are designing cars which provide you more comfort. Less friction will decrease the chances of accidents. They provide you with a feature of all wheel drive for more sustainability of car. Moreover, Kona N-Line can be the perfect option for you if you are looking for a playful and comfortable ride.

What are the different types of cars?

If you are an adventurous driver, then all wheel drive cars are perfect for you. These cars give you more grips on-road and enhance your driving ability. These cars are also comfortable for the silky or rough roads. There is a long list of best all wheel drive cars in 2020.

Now the question is that “What is all-wheel drive cars are? Here is a short note on all drive cars.

All-wheel drive helps a vehicle accelerate in slippery conditions, but they don’t aid with braking and only sometimes improve handling on dry pavement in and of itself.”, says Samuel Dordulian, a Los Angeles auto accident attorney. “Four-wheel drive does have its advantages in certain conditions, but there are downsides too

All-wheel drive cars (AWD):

Some cars have only two-wheel drive cars or three wheels drive cars that can’t provide much grip. In all wheel drive cars both front and rear wheels can be controlled by the driver. There are two types of all wheel drive. One is full-time AWD, and the other is part-time AWD.

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In full-time AWD, all wheels get power all the time. This will provide you full grip on the road. There is no manual option to shift forces to the front or rear wheels.

In part-time AWD, drivers have the option to control power shifts. They can use all-wheel power or two-wheel power according to the road or situation. In some, the all-wheel drive automatically changes when the engine senses the loss of traction.

Benefits of all wheel drive car:

The main benefit of all wheel drive is you can drive smoothly on all kinds of roads. It will provide you grip on wet or snowy roads. You can also drive easily on hilly or bumpy roads. Cars which have all wheel drive feature will tend to least accidents. These cars can also bear a sudden shock to a limit.  This feature is also helpful in a sudden break.

To help you out in choosing the best all wheel drive cars, here are of some the best all wheel drive cars of 2020:

1.     Hyundai Genesis:

Looking for a Genesis badge and AWD in a car, then Hyundai Genesis is exactly what you want. This car will surely feel you classical and lavish. It’s a beautiful structure, and unique colors give it a simple but deadly look. Its climate control is automatic dual-zone. Steering wheel having leather covering give you a proper grip on steering. You can also enjoy an 8-inch touch screen and navigation system. Its LED screen is connecting with Apple’s car play. Hyundai Genesis is one of the top best all wheel drive cars.

2.     Ford Taurus:

If you love traveling with your friends and family, then Ford Taurus provides you a five passenger’s space. This car is a combination of lavish design and features which blow your mind. Windows have rear power sunshades. It also has a feature of cross-traffic alert and 8 inches touch screen. Its seats have manual heating and cooling effects. Moreover, this car is providing you all the wheel drive features. This feature is the demand of almost all customers who loves smooth rides.

3.     Mini Cooper Clubman:

This car will provide you a leg space in the back seats of the car to make the journey more comfortable for you. Mini Cooper Clubman is a cargo style car which provides you wide space. Its back trunk door can easily swing out to fill it with luggage. This car has many features like LED headlights, rear spoiler, and suspension with sport-tuned. Mini Cooper is known as one of the best all wheel drive cars.

Mini Cooper Clubman

4.     Dodge Charger:

Dodge Charger is a car that attracts racers. Due to its unique features, it makes it sportier. LED fog lights make your journey safer during fog. It’s a beautiful design, and attractive colors make it look cool. You can also control its climate manually. Its 8.4 inches LED screen, and cloth upholstery makes it more attractive. Dodge Charger is one of the best all wheel drive cars, which also have a cool design.

5.     Lincoln MKZ:

Looking for a luxury and comfortable car with all wheel drive features, then Lincoln MKZ can fulfill your demands.  Its elegant and simple design makes it look more luxurious. For people who love traveling on long roads, this car will suit them.

You can smoothly drive this car on rough and hilly rods. It’s all wheel drive feature make your rides more comfortable and unique. Its truck can manually be open and close by remote. Its seats have air perforation for air ventilation. The most interesting feature is its voice control navigation, which can be easily accessible during driving.

6.     Subaru Outbreak:

If you are a traveler who loves to take his bike or bicycle on tour, then don’t worry now you can bring them with you. Subaru Outbreak provides you with roof rails with its lower roof. It is one of the most lavish wagons which make you look classy. This car is one of the best all wheel drive cars. So, you can enjoy your traveling and tours more comfortably.

Subaru Outbreak

Its steering wheel has a leather covering and shifter handle. The climate control system is an automatic dual-zone. It also has a traffic alert and blind stop alert.


Things are modifying with time to make them more comfortable for use. As everything is changing, cars are also introducing new features that make them more beautiful and unique for customers. Car companies designing cars that gives smooth and safe rides. Many people love racing cars with unique designs. Some people want elegant and luxury designs with comfortable driving.

To make car rides, more comfortable cars have a feature of all wheel drive. This feature basically provides more sustainability for cars. Both front and rear wheels get power at a time. This helps the cars to keep a strong grip on rainy or snowy roads. It also makes cars to drive smoothly on rough roads.

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