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Weed Leaf: What Is It And What Are Its Types? – Hidden facts

Weed leaf has become iconic and trendy, meaning it’s everywhere. You see the weed leaf icon from logo designs to clothing designs. And, as you know, it indicates only thing – marijuana.

Weed Leaf

Harvesters of the cannabis plant can look through the weed leaves to understand underlying issues of the plant. the, it’s the bud in plants that get you high, not the weed leaves.

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Cultivating cannabis plant is sure a hobby for many weed enthusiasts. However, weed isn’t just limited to recreational uses. It has been used in medical research for its medicinal properties to help cure disorders like anxiety and depression.

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In this post, we will learn about different types of weed leaves and their uses.

Note: This post is informative and doesn’t encourage you or anyone to cultivate or use weed.

Different types of weed leaf

With so many different strains, every cannabis plant is different with various chemical properties. And that distinction of cannabis plants is noticeable through 3 different weed leaves. Let’s find out which are those 3 different types of weed leaves.  


Indica cannabis plant has weed leaves that easily noticeable due to their moss green color. In addition, these weed leaves are post and short, having up to 9 compound leaflets. Because of their wide leaflets, Indica absorbs plenty of sunlight than other weed types.


On the other hand, the Sativa cannabis plant grows weed leaves with slender and wide-apart, having as many as 13 leaflets. These types of leaves are easily distinguishable from Indica as they appear in emerald green color.


Being the shortest of those two weed plants, plants, Ruderalis cannabis plant possesses only 3-5, slim leaflets. Ruderalis leaves appear in light green, easily recognizable. Due to its low demand, Ruderalis cannabis is combined with Indica and Sativa to produce hybrid cannabis plants.

What do weed leaves indicate?

Besides learning about different types of weed leaves for educational purposes, you can tell a lot through weed leaves. Because weed leaves can manifest underlying cannabis plant health issues.

For that reason, it’s always important to check up on your weed leaves for pest infestation, curling up, and yellowing.

Curling up cannabis leaves

Curling up of leaves is more common when a grower makes use of overwatering. Sometimes, it can be because the plant is placed in either too hot or too cold temp.

Purple or yellowish cannabis leaves

Sometimes cannabis leaves can turn purple or yellowish due to many reasons. One main cause of this could be because these plants are receiving inadequate phosphorus nutrients.

Bugs on cannabis leaves

Earlier detection of bugs on your cannabis leaves can save your plant. It’s important to check your weed leaves in case of pest infestation to avoid further health issues of the plant.

So, are there any uses for these weed leaves?

While cultivators of weed plants usually throw away any leaves, these are great and healthy byproducts to utilize. In essence, sugar leaves and fan leaves are the important byproducts to utilize in many eco-friendly ways.

  • Make coconut oil for the skin.
  • Make a cup of tea with cannabis leaves.
  • Or perhaps, making Cannabutter with weed leaves.
  • Or even better, use the remaining weed leaves as fertilizer.

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