Web Development Outsourcing Trends

Let us start Web Development Outsourcing Trends by saying that there must be a pretty high chance that you have not spent the last two years living under the rock (if you have, we are honestly rather jealous; say hi to your cozy rock!) – and as such, had an opportunity to notice how the global economy had to adapt to some extraordinary circumstances. What we mean is the COVID-19 pandemic, of course. Web Development Outsourcing Trends

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More and more people are working from home now, reporting lower levels of burnout and a strong desire to find more interesting, fulfilling, high-paying jobs. One way to meet the ever-rising demand would be outsourcing, a practice most prevalent in the IT sphere. It’s a win-win for both sides: tech companies get to cut costs by bringing in external workforce, Web Development Outsourcing Trends and tech specialists get to choose a job easily. Still, it is necessary to stay up-to-date on the market situation. So, let’s take a brief look at the trends that are currently bubbling up specifically in the field of website design outsourcing ( https://fireart.studio/web-design-outsourcing-company/):

  1. Work from home is the real deal

As mentioned just a moment ago, an employee who gets to avoid the jungle of the openspace (or even cubicles!) and instead spends his working hours in pajamas, surrounded by loving pets and family members… Well, that’s just one happy employee. The great lockdown of 2020 was a good opportunity to witness the increased productivity of people who no longer had to waste time commuting or exchanging pleasantries to pass as a social human being. Higher rates of burnout were mostly reported in companies that did not trust their workers and employed aggressive productivity control measures. The most successful businesses were those that embraced WFH as the new norm, suddenly gaining access to a wide market of remote employees.

  1. Continuous delivery over a prolonged period of time instead of short projects

It’s rather tempting to think of web development outsourcing as just an easy way to get a cheap workforce for a short time; but how much can you trust such hands? And how much can they trust you not to replace them the moment a cheaper option surfaces in the market?

Short-term hires turn the process of passing knowledge to newcomers into a huge time sink. They also decrease the chances of your project gaining high priority in the head of your employee – they might be feeling less responsible for it and put less effort into it.

Thus, we do recommend the creation of a clear workflow and a trusting relationship between the business and the outsourced staff. It pays off in the long run, as you amass a following of trusting employees with deep interest in maintaining and optimizing the project.

  1. Cloud-based services for cloud-based web developers

If you can outsource your workforce, why not outsource the platforms they will use as well?  The global cloud computing market size is on a rise, taking advantage of booming digitalization in various industries, and it has never been easier to find a new shiny feature that your project desperately needs. Cloud services are easy to maintain, offer tremendous computing powers, and on top of that, they are secure and rather cheap.

As your project scales up, so does the amount of data that needs to be stored; cloud platforms appear to be an easy and secure solution to this problem. Yet, it is also necessary to ensure that the online service your developers are building has backup plans in case of a global outage – looking at you, AWS.

  1. Blockchain and security

Blockchain may sound like the digital snake oil of our time, but it still remains a technology that more and more businesses embrace and require. In fact, it is one of the biggest outsourcing trends nowadays, as this technology is a great way to make your service more secure. And, of course, make it look cooler in the eyes of potential stakeholders. Nothing wrong with that.

Then we have cybersecurity: customer data is turning into the most treasured resource of every service, and the stakes have never been higher. End users want to trust businesses that comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and have the means to keep all data well-protected. 

Regardless of your company size, you do have to admit: customer trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. Thus, preventive measures to improve the security of your outsourced project must be most welcome.

To conclude, it has never been easier to enjoy the benefits of website design outsourcing (https://fireart.studio/web-design-outsourcing-company/) – we have people itching to work, remote services far surpassing our local capabilities, fresh breakthroughs in the cybersecurity field. The only question is, what mountains will you scale with this information?

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