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Weapons From The Void


Weapons from the void are quite possibly the most sought-after thing in The Outer Worlds. Results are prerequisites that players may decide to finish to get exceptional prizes, XP, or notoriety. Outer Worlds has a sum of five Science weapons for players to gather. This is under a wish called Weapons from the void, they send players all through the game to gather probably the firearms a player could want. Gathering Weapons of Science in The Outer Worlds is essential for a mission called Weapons from the Void. For players who do not have that necessity, gathering one Science weapon will urge us to begin and can interface you to a basic one to begin.


Acquire the Science Weapon on Groundbreaker – Logs at Hawthorne air terminal referred to gossipy tidbits from a Groundbreaker researcher who bragged about an incredible weapon he was investigating. Maybe more data can be found on the channel. One of the Hawthorne logs referenced is taking a gander at Gladys’ store to discover old records.

Find Phineas’ Science Weapon -The logs in Hawthorne’s last site have demonstrated that Phineas has an amazing weapon in his work environment.

Search References -The Hawthorne Center has discussed offering underground market sellers to Groundbreaker and Fallbrook. He was fruitful in the past in finding uncommon things through such sources. Purchasing old logs or information chronicles from these merchants can prompt signs with regards to where you can discover other amazing logical weapons.

Audit the Hephaestus Mining Archive at the Hawthorne Terminal -The information cartridge acquired from Gladys in Groundbreaker may contain references to another area in the science weapon.

Find the Weapon of Science in Scylla -After investigating the base of information from the Mephaya police headquarters in Scylla, he discovered that a ground-breaking weapon had been utilized to slaughter one of the excavators. Search the watchman outside for a weapon.

Get a Science Weapon from these disposed of ones -Duncan in Fallbrook sold you a datapad utilized by one of the groups that tried the disposed of the lab by Cascadia.

Shrink ray:

Shrink Ray is situated in Phineas ‘Lab, players who can visit when they choose where to go, their capacity to The Outer Worlds and fix their boat, which is untrustworthy. Use System Map in Infidelity to set up Phineas ‘Lab course. Once there, leave the boat and head for Fineas. He will be remaining behind glass to guard himself (a deliberate account to shield players from murdering him), while Shrink Ray is found right on the privilege as you watch.

Prismatic hammer:

The Prismatic Hammer can be found in Groundbreaker. Players can discover you whenever they’ve done it through Culture. As you pass Masiko, stroll past the security office and swim into a huge box-occupied room on the left. Head to the staff quarters there and bounce over the locks. Hunker and move to the opposite side where you will discover a few rivals. Send these boneheads and hunt their bodies for the Repair Hangar Keycard. Use it to open the entryway on the north side of the room. The Prismatic Hammer will be in the work area inside.

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