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Vintage Air – Learn everything you need to know about vintage air

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Experienced and competent Street rodders are the owner of vintage air. They also operate it. Over thirty years these street rodders have actively participated and were involved in sport. Vintage air makes high performance and highly efficient air conditioning elements in the market. It offers the state of the art technology that is reliable and highly durable. Vintage air all parts are efficiently designed to cool your vehicle. Ideal for a high-performance car, sporty truck and street rods

Vintage Air - Learn everything you need to know about vintage air

Vintage Air New System

Vintage air makes a highly efficient and reliable air conditioning cooling system ideal for a variety of custom vehicles. It has recently announced a system for GM LT1 & LS engine. The system name is Cast Front Runner drive system. It provides a more compact and concise space for putting front-drive items and accessories to vehicles equipped with LT1 and LS engines.

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Cast – Front – Runner -Systems

These systems are made in the United States. The manufacturing material used is precision cast alloy aluminum. The engine passages are engineered intelligently for maximum air coolant flow. OEM bearing, water pump which cartridge type. This is a very compact design that enables space for other accessories as well as electric fan modules. It improves the overall appearance of the engine and saves space.

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Features of Cast – Front – Runner – Systems

All casting is cross-checked so that there is no porousness. Also, the OEM temperature unit does not require any modification for its installation. The front runner cast system of vintage air has both options that are power steering and non-power steering with many finishing options like chrome pulley etc.

Vintage air has developed a system that is next-generation air conditioning for ford truck f-100. Adding new technology temperature control to these vintage trucks. It also compatible with variations of Ford models

Ø  1973–79 -Ford

Ø  F-100

Ø  F-150

Ø  F-250

Ø  1978–79 – Bronco

Gen IV Sure Fit air conditioning system

The next generation – GEN IV air conditioning system is efficiently designed and most powerful. It uses a control system that is an electronic microprocessor. It reduces the cable and vacuum connection hassle. It also has copper coils with heating and parallel flow, a coil with fin cooling helps efficiently in temperature control.

The Gen IV SureFit air conditioning system complete package is available with eight-cylinder factory Air condition & non-factory Air conditioning vehicles. Customers who do not need the underhood component can go for evaporator kits. For those customers who do not require the under-hood components, Evaporator Kits are available for factory and non factory Air conditioning vehicles. six-cylinder model kits are also available.

Vintage Air SureFit systems are proudly manufactured in the United State of America. It includes all components necessary for installation and is supported by its standard warranty.

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