Versatile woman bags that we can bring out on a casual date

Are you going out for a casual date? Among the must-haves is a handbag or bag. Even if you dress in an expensive dress, the outfit cannot be complete without a handbag.

Several justifications complement your outfit as to why you need to carry designer handbags when going out on a date. Among the top reasons, it is where you pack all your necessities as a woman.

Therefore, a handbag to a woman is important, not like men who grab the keys, wallet and get out. Women mind what they need to carry with them, and there is no other place to put them other than a handbag. Think of how a lady can put essentials like lip balm, tissue or sanitary napkins other than a handbag.

There are several types of women’s bags available in the market, and each type is meant for a certain occasion. If you are going for a casual date, we have the best handbags to choose from and complement our outfit. The list entails different types ranging from small handbags to huge bags that suit everyone’s preference.

Tote Bag

Tote bag is the right to carry to your casual date because it is easy and comfortable to bring around. More so there is enough space to allow you to carry everything you need.

If it is your first time hearing about a Tote bag, the latter refers to a type of bag with two handles to sling it over your shoulders. It is a worthy handbag to choose when going for your next casual date. It is great for any woman and age.

Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag type of woman bag almost every lady has in her collection. It is a basic bag which you carry around. The bag is usually held on your shoulder, and it has thinner and short traps. The shoulder bags come in different categories. They differ in terms of size.

Other features include trimmings associated with other handbags like the compartments, zippered pockets mechanism to seal it shut.

Cross-Body Bag

After a few more refined improvements with sophisticated details on the bag, the cross body bag has become a should-have fashion accessory. A cross body bag is distinguished by a flap at the front of the bag that folds over. It can be attached with a clip. They’re usually small and have lengthy crossbody straps on them.

Satchel Bag

Satchel bag is one of the famous classic women’s handbags. It is a huge bag which you can use to carry with you all the necessary things you need for your casual date.

Satchel’s bag features a long strap that allows you to sling it across your body, but recent bag trends have several different versions with minor changes to the basic shape. Satchel bags have a rectangular body and a flat base, making them roomier than your ordinary handbag.

Hobo Bag

Hobo bags are often huge, with a reclined body in a half moon shape and a long strap to be carried over the shoulder, and is manufactured of a soft, elastic material. When a hobo bag is laid down, the soft material tends to sag.

The bag is large and closed off with a unique zipper, and named from the ties customarily carried by homeless people. These hobo bags are still fashionable in 2020, with various sizes, shapes, and textures available.

Barrel Bag

The barrel bag is typically medium to small in size and comes in a cylindrical shape. With a short shoulder strap, a top zipper clasp, and enough capacity inside characterize barrel bags. It depends on the design you choose, the bag can be dressed up or down.

Belt Bag

Thanks to influencers, belt bags are one of the most popular pieces of bag that you would constantly see on Instagram. It is understandable given how easily it may elevate the style level of your ensemble while still providing functional purposes.

A compact zippered pouch with a buckled belt as a strap that is supposed to be worn around the waist. It’s known as a fanny pack bag to the older generation. However, unlike fanny packs, belt bags are more about styling them up than usefulness.


A clutch is a relatively small and flat handbag. It has a clasp that is a must-have for dressier occasions. In the category of women’s clutches, there are a staggering number of different shapes and designs to choose from. It’s made to be held in hand or carried on your hands, with just enough room inside for tiny items like cash, lipstick.

Envelope Bag

It’s a bag with the shape and form of an envelope, as the title suggests. Bags are slender and hand-held bags and have a triangular front flap, like a real envelope.

They usually have no straps, but envelope bag hybrids can be found. These are intended for more formal gatherings, with just enough room for a few essentials.

Baguette Bag

The bag of baguette is comparable to the bag of a cylindrical barrel but without the circular ends. It is a small, portable handbag first published by the Italian Fashion company Fendi in the late 1990s.

You might have seen Carrie Bradshaw sport a baguette more than one time if you have managed to watch “Sex and The City.” Usually, a small strap-like handle comes in a narrow shoulder bag.

Cross-Body Flap Bag

A flap crossbody bag is a go to accessory for casual events such as a casual date. Usually, you find one in the small and medium-size, with the predominant feature being a front clasped flap.

The flap is not fastened or locked in certain cases, and the flap is fastened in a shutter to secure your items.

Final words

If you are going for a casual date, make the first impression through the type of handbag you are carrying. We have suggested the best women handbags you can find in the market. They are made using high-quality material, and even some are leather bags. You can buy any of the said types of bags by clicking here.

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