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Vaping Vs Smoking Everything You Need to Know


From time to time,Vaping Vs Smoking Everything its not uncommon to see the mainstream media lash out on the world of vaping, reporting misleading and inaccurate claims. For example, before the Coronavirus pandemic, the mainstream media were reporting a series of apparent vape related deaths in the USA. This caused a huge panic among some e-cigarette users before the likes of Public Health England spoke out in support of e-cigarettes and stated that there had been no recorded deaths from the use of tested e-cigarette products in the United Kingdom. In the USA, the supposed vape related deaths had nothing to do with the use of standard nicotine containing e-cigarette products. They were caused by the use of illegal THC cartridges that were sold on the black market. These THC products contained a high level of vitamin E and this is what was responsible for people developing and dying from a lung disease. Vitamin E is a banned substance in tested e-cigarette products in the United Kingdom. There is a simple lesson to be learnt from this, do not purchase products off the black market. Products traded on the black market through the underground economy are not tested or certified and therefore not safe. This applies to any product, not just e-cigarettes. 

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E-Cigarettes and Traditional Cigarettes 

The use of traditional,Vaping Vs Smoking Everything to bacco containing cigarettes is the biggest cause of preventable deaths worldwide. The death count from cigarettes is far greater than the number of deaths caused by COVID-19. In the UK alone, around 78,000 people die each year from smoking. In the USA, approximately 480,000 people die each year from smoking or passive smoking. In addition to this, smoking cigarettes also creates extra pressure on the health systems around the world, with people developing a variety of adverse heath conditions, including cancer and lung problems. 

E-cigarettes could be the solution to prevent deaths from smoking. They could also help reduce pressure on health systems. As of 2021, the UK has yet to record any deaths from the use of tested e-cigarette products. As a result of this, organisations such as the PHE and the NHS have spoken out in support of vaping. Public Health England have stated that whilst vaping may not be risk free, its around 95% safer than the use of traditional cigarettes. NHS hospitals across the UK have started to allow vape shops to open within them in an attempt to help curb smoking. Second hand vape also doesn’t seem to be a cause for concern with experts pointing at little risk from the vapour exhaled by e-cigarette users. 


Nicotine is an addictive substance found in both e-cigarettes and cigarettes. Whilst nicotine maybe addictive, its not the cause of any deaths. People die from smoking due to all the other chemicals consumed whilst they attempt to satisfy their nicotine cravings. For example, Tar. Nicotine is just as harmful and addictive as the caffeine found in a cup of coffee. In the United Kingdom, the total amount of nicotine that can be included in a cartridge or e-liquid is 20mg. A nicotine containing e-liquid cannot exceed 10ml and a cartridge or vape tank cannot exceed 2ml. This is far below the level of nicotine that could potentially cause you to overdose which is around 50mg. 


In conclusion, it seems like vaping and e-cigarettes is a much safer alternative to satisfy nicotine cravings. Even when compared to other nicotine replacement therapies, vaping has a much better success rate and is now gaining recognition worldwide. The number of smokers in the UK, Germany and USA has begun to decrease as people take up vaping and become more health conscious. This will only help reduce the number of preventable deaths worldwide. 


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