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Using a Bitcoin ATM in Florida – A Guide

If you are new to the world of Bitcoin trading, you probably find the whole process of buying and selling Bitcoins cumbersome. If you have been an investor in the cryptocurrency market for some time, you would surely have murmured to yourself, “If only there were a simpler way to do this!” You can now put all your worries aside by trying out the nearest Crypto ATM in Florida. Using a Crypto ATM, also known as BTC or Bitcoin ATM, is a fast and efficient way to buy and sell Bitcoins.

How to Buy Bitcoins at the Crypto ATM?

Buying Bitcoins in a Crypto ATM is a simple process. On the ATM screen, you will see a “Buy Coins” option. Tap on it and you will be asked to enter your mobile number. You will receive a code on your phone. Enter this code into the ATM. Your verification is complete.

You will then be prompted to set a pin to further secure the transaction. You may enter any four-digit code of your choice. Then, you need to select “Bitcoin” in the list of cryptocurrencies. Then the BTC ATM would ask you to select your preferred delivery method. There are three possible delivery methods:

“Scan Wallet QR Code” – The ATM has a QR code scanner just above the keypad. Open your cryptocurrency wallet app on your phone, select the display QR code option and place it under the ATM’s QR code scanner.

“Create a Paper Wallet” – You will receive two QR codes from the machine that act as physical representations of your Bitcoin purchases. You can scan this QR code with your phone any time to add the purchased Bitcoins to your wallet.

“Enter Address Manually” – Select this option if you would like to enter the details of your cryptocurrency wallet manually on the ATM. You can do this via the ATM keypad.

After selecting the delivery method, you need to insert cash into the machine one bill at a time. The machine automatically detects the amount of cash inserted. The last step is to tap on “Finish” on the screen. You have successfully purchased Bitcoins via a Bitcoin ATM!

How to Sell Bitcoins at the Crypto ATM?

To sell Bitcoins, you need to get to a two-way Bitcoin ATM in Florida. Select the “Withdraw Cash” option on the ATM screen. You will be asked to enter your mobile number. You will receive a code on this number. Enter the code into the ATM. Then you need to create a 4-digit passcode of your choice. After this, select “Bitcoin” under the list of cryptocurrencies displayed. You will need to enter the amount of coins that you would like to sell.

The machine will then display a QR code. Now, open your mobile wallet app, select “Bitcoin”, tap the “send” option, enter the amount, and choose “scan QR code”. Make sure you have entered the exact amount of Bitcoins in your mobile as you had entered into the ATM. After scanning the QR code displayed on the ATM via your phone, you will immediately receive cash from the ATM.

If the amount is large, you will have to wait for a few more minutes until you receive a “redemption code” on your phone. Enter this code in the ATM, and you shall receive the cash instantly.
Cryptobase ATM makes buying and selling of BTC and other popular cryptocurrencies easy and quick with its user-friendly crypto ATMs. You can now transact in cryptocurrencies smoothly and securely by visiting a Cryptobase ATM near you.

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