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Upper left back pain is occasionally triggered in the backbone or spinal muscles. Most cases of this pain or ache might be dissimilar to your back. Recent research shows that some organs of the lower and upper boundaries that is kidneys or heart are associated in spreading this sort of pain that can lead to your upper back. This sort of pain depends on the source. It usually becomes unceasing, or sometimes it feels like a dull ache, sharp and rapid pinch. It states that these pains or aches come and go during rest or activity. Slight upper back pain on the left side can be improved by its own, but in the chronic condition, it continues until you get treatment.

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Major Medical Condition of upper left back pain

Some of the major causes that are functional examples of spreading the back pain include 

  1. Disk herniation: 

Disk herniation it is a sort of pressure caused on the nerves in the back due to a herniated disk which led to upper back pain.

  1. Spinal stenosis 

Spinal stenosis makes the spinal canal narrow, which result in firmness and stiffness of the nerve roots and spinal cord inside. It often occurs in the neck or lower back.

  1. Kyphosis 

Kyphosis is a spine defect that causes the upper back to become deformed the spine and create a hunch due to an excessive curve in the spine.

  1. Scapular dyskinesis 

Scapular dyskinesis denotes to the unbalanced placing of the shoulder blades in which faintness, disparity, or impartiality of the muscles. It supports the shoulder blade may become a cause for scapular dyskinesis the symptoms of that also include upper left back pain.

  1. Heart attack or kidney pain

It is also said that some vital organs stress can lead towards this pain that is a heart attack and kidney stones (they can cause pain on one side of the body when they leave the kidney. This pain arises in the lower abdomen, but also it may also spread to the upper back area.

Upper Left Back Pain Is It a Heart Attack? - Learn everything here

Causes and Treatment

Complications and Poor Posture:  Also, a wide variety of complications can cause upper left back pain, muscle tears, poor posture fractures conditions in the spine. 


Those treatments for upper left back pain comprise of pain management therapy, muscle strengthening, and preserving good Posture—physiotherapy aid in reducing muscle stress and strengthen the muscles. Strong muscles help in carrying out daily activities without pain and discomfort. 

Electrical stimulation

Electrical stimulation is also another pain management method physiotherapy uses in treatment. It is also a form of good exercise for muscle and maintains body weight can help in the reduction of these sort of pains. 


Upper left back pain should be taken seriously, and as with time, it can make the pain worst. Moreover, you should not treat the upper left side back pain at home. The best way is to concern a medical practitioner’s which can guide you with some non-residual anti-inflammatory drugs.

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