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Unlocking PDF Documents: What You Should Know

Several PDFs are normally password-protected to prevent unauthorized distribution. Other PDF documents are usually closed to discourage anyone from duplicating or transforming the content to make it their own. In today’s security-conscious world, having the ability to lock and guard your genuine hard work while maintaining courtesy is a must. 

Still, learning how to open a PDF encrypted file is also a good idea. There are various reasons you and other people may want to figure out your password for your documents legally. So in here, we will share what you should know about unlocking PDF documents from the type of passwords used in PDF files, methods in unlocking passwords, so on so forth.

Remember your Password

To unlock PDF documents, you’ll need a password. Even though there are various methods available on the internet, none can successfully penetrate the security of password-protected PDF files. If your PDF file needs a password to open, using a simple method or third-party tools will not work. It’s preferable to use protection software to encrypt or unlock your PDF. 

The User-locked Password to open a PDF file

With that being said, it is necessary to know that there are two types of passwords for PDF files. First, is the password needed to open a file, known as a document open password. There could be security restrictions in place. This password protection disables anyone’s access to the PDF file and is used to prevent anyone without the password from accessing or opening it.

The Owner-locked Password to edit PDF file

When you open the file, you won’t need this password. It’s also termed as a permissions password. This password is used to protect the file’s format and prevent anyone from editing, commenting, or changing it. Thus, when you try to edit or change the PDF file, you will be initially prompted for the permissions password. 

This can also be termed as the PDF permissions password, restriction password, or PDF master password, depending on the PDF reader or writer you’re using. Printing, changing the text, material copying, content copying for usability, extraction, commenting, and creating template pages are all possible with an owner password in the current PDF version.

The difference between the user-locked and owner-locked passwords

The difficulty of unlocking a PDF file is the difference between the user-locked and owner-locked PDF files. With a user-locked PDF, it will be challenging to open it without the password, while with an owner-locked PDF, there are ways to unlock it if the user forgot the password, such as Google Chrome and other online tools. Below are ways to unlock.

Unlock PDF through Online Tool

Using PDF online password removers to open a locked PDF is the first and best option to unlock PDF files. One of the online tools we have tried is PDFBear. It includes a simple PDF password remover that helps users convert their password-protected PDF files into editable and readable versions. To do so, upload the file, and the online tool will delete the password.

If a user wishes a copy of the unlocked file, simply click open, and save the PDF file to the browser! However, always protect your files. Adding a password to your PDF file will put your mind at ease, regardless of how much you post it. That is why every user should encrypt every PDF file they own, particularly if they plan to use it to share their business with the public.

Unlock PDF through Google Drive 

If anyone wishes to use Google Drive to open a secure PDF file, they must first have the file on their computer. Users should then upload the PDF file to their Google Drive account. Then, using Google Chrome or another web browser, open it. With that, users can use the print feature to save the file as a new unlocked version to their machine.

Unlock PDF through Adobe Acrobat 

Adobe Acrobat is a program that helps you to create PDF documents. Anyone who wishes to use it must use the Pro or paid version of Adobe Acrobat to crack the password-protected PDF file. When users open the PDF file, a Security Setting on the Padlock option allows them to adjust the Security Method.


Those are the things anyone should know to unlock PDF files. Now, do you need your PDF files unlocked right away? We’re confident you’ll know exactly where to go, online free tools! More than that, they are easy to use, quick, user-friendly and reliable. If you need to use the advanced features, simply upgrade to the pro or paid version. Always work smart with PDFs.

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