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Understanding What Disney Vacation Club Actually Costs

Regardless of vastly inflated prices and hours-long waits in line for a single ride, there are still millions of visitors to Disney each year. Understanding What Disney Vacation Club Actually Since 1955, when Disneyland first opened, it’s consistently been the most visited theme park around the world. 

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And if you’re an avid Disney visitor, Understanding What Disney Vacation Club Actually you may have come across the Disney Vacation Club once or twice. Keep reading to learn what it is and if the Disney Vacation Club cost is worth it. 

What Is the Disney Vacation Club?

The Disney Vacation Club, in short, is a timeshare that’s operated directly by the corporation itself. The timeshare program offers visitors a chance to stay in resorts at their Disney World theme park and locations in South Carolina, Hawaii and Vero Beach, Florida. 

The timeshare program operates on a point system. That means you purchase a specific amount of points and redeem them at the DVC locations. You can get points in two ways — by purchasing it from a third party or directly from Disney. 

Purchasing directly from Disney comes with the benefits of being able to use the points in Disney hotels around the world, their cruise line and for other non-theme park visits. 

What Are the Disney Vacation Club Costs?

First and foremost, the Disney Vacation Club membership is expensive. For example, for 150 points, you end up paying $31,050, and that’s not including closing costs and annual dues. 

However, the cost of Disney Vacation Club is an investment for family vacations that you can use for the next half-century. When you consider how much you spend on one vacation and multiply it over the next 50 years, it’s often well worth the cost. 

That said, of course, paying a minimum of over $30,000 is rather expensive. Fortunately, you can take advantage of the financing options available to you. 

Are There Any Fees or Financing Options?

Disney vacation club financing is available for those wanting to enjoy the perks of being a member without having to put down so much money. The terms will vary depending on the financing company, but most have a loan term between one and twelve years and will require a down payment between five and thirty percent. 

One way to look at the cost is that you’re locking in resort prices at a lower rate than they will likely be in 50 years. Considering the upward trend of inflation these days, it makes it well worth the DVC costs. 

There are also two Disney vacation club fees to consider. The two monthly fees you must pay are the membership annual dues and maintenance fees. Depending on the resort, you can expect to pay between $6 and $10 for the maintenance fee. 

Is the DVC Cost Worth It?

Does the Disney Vacation Club cost make it worth the investment? If you plan on visiting and vacationing at the resorts at least once every two years, it certainly is. It can be especially worth it if you are a young couple on a honeymoon or have kids that want to experience the happiest place on Earth!

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